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Museum Technician Resume

Museum is a place that takes us back in the history. Objects that depict historical stories and help us know the heritage, culture and famous personalities from the past, which are displayed in museums. All these objects, artifacts, etc., need to be taken care of and preserved for the generations to come, so that everyone could cherish the rich heritage of the past. A Museum Technician is responsible for the same. He/she is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all the objects displayed in the museum. He/she also possesses complete knowledge of preserving artifacts or years old objects. For example, glass paintings, metal objects, etc., need to be preserved well to protect the same from the environment humidity, weather changes, etc. Thus, he/she is known as a technician or else his/her role is similar to a museum caretaker. Thus, a Museum Technician can independently oversee the museum and also look after the maintenance requirements of the objects displayed in the museum. He/she is also responsible for administrative or clerical duties of the museum. This includes maintaining a record of all the objects in the museum, keeping a record of all the new entries in the museum, keep a record of the visitors to the museum, etc. The technician is also responsible for using X Ray machines, light scanners, etc., to examine the artifacts and exhibits of the museum. Thus, his/her role can be classified in to technical tasks and clerical/administrative tasks. The report published by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) USA, states that by 2018 the demand for Museum Technicians will increase by 20%.

The museum technician resume sample given below will help in understanding the role or job profile further and help one draft a resume for the said position.

Museum Technician Resume Sample

Kevin .P. Newton
Apartment #25
North Victoria Street
Cumberland, Seattle -08125
Ph: 801-501-6601

Career Objective:

Looking for suitable opportunities with some of the renowned museums of USA. Possess thorough expertise in administrating and maintaining the museum independently, thus am looking for job roles wherein I can put to use all my skills and expertise.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 6 years in the said job role, am thorough with all the administrative, clerical, and maintenance activities of the museum. I have worked under the supervision of experienced supervisors and thus, am well acquainted with all the duties and responsibilities associated with the said position. Currently am working with Sir John's Museum, Cumberland, Seattle, and am solely responsible for the administration and maintenance of the museum. I also handle the staff and finances of the museum.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good management and leadership skills
  • Thorough with the usage of light scanners, X Ray machines, etc., to examine the artifacts and exhibits
  • Thorough with the maintenance of museum exhibits
  • Well acquainted with the accounting and administration procedures of a museum
  • Proven ability of working in teams and handling small teams

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Sir John's Museum, Cumberland, Seattle (2008-till date)
Designation: Museum Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the administration and maintenance of the museum
  • Responsible for keeping a record of all the exhibits in the museum, making proper entries of all the new exhibits, etc.
  • Use X Ray machines and light scanners to examine the exhibits and determine the deterioration rate of the exhibit
  • Take proper preventive measures to ensure that the exhibits do not deteriorate further due to weather changes
  • Ensure the safety and security of valuable exhibits
  • Make sure that all the exhibits in the museum are bought and displayed by clearing all the formalities and getting required approvals from governing authorities
  • Handle the museum staff and make sure that every staff member performs his/her duty with utmost sincerity

Previous Work Experiences:

A] St. Benedict IV Memorable Museum, Hartford, CT (2005-2008)
Designation: Associate Museum Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Sr. Museum Technician
  • Assist in maintenance and placement of all the exhibits and artifacts in the museum
  • Assist in maintaining hygiene, security, and discipline in the museum
  • Responsible for keeping the children and people away from the exhibits, such that they do not touch and damage the exhibits
  • Assist in maintaining the record of visitors to the museum
  • Assist in planning the layout of the museum when it undergoes change to accommodate new exhibits
  • Assist in documentation and examining of new exhibits bought or borrowed by the museum


  • Bachelors of Arts with honors in Anthropology, St. John's University, CT - 2005
  • Diploma in Disaster Management, Hartford, CT - 2006

Computer Skills:

  • Thorough with basic computer operations, MS Excel, and web surfing

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Reading books on history and ancient civilization, cooking, and watching ballad dancing shows


Willing to relocate to New York


Available upon request


Kevin .P. Newton

The sample museum technician resume given above will prove helpful for a candidate willing to apply for the said position. The resume sample can be referred to for drafting one's resume and one can also get a clear idea of the role of a Museum Technician on reading the same.

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