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Medical Appliance Technician Resume

The medical appliance technician resume, given on this page, highlights the necessary skill-sets required by a candidate to present a promising candidature, which can win employer's confidence, and win you the interview call. Though the purpose of a resume is to present the candidature before the employers, and it can contribute towards enhance of the selection chances by casting a positive and professional first impression, which can sway the outcome in candidate's favor.

An impressively written medical appliance technician resume, with skill-sets highlighted appropriately, can prove to be the ideal platform for promoting the candidature, if utilized optimally. A resume cover letter along with the resume can further reinforce the impact created by resume, and be sued to guide employer's attention to selective details shared in the resume. However, while searching for a sample resume, candidates must look for job specific resume, as there are chances of different job profiles being called by same name, and same job profile called by different names.

Thus, while drafting a medical appliance technician resume, candidates should be able to differentiate between the skill-sets required for medical appliance technician job from those required for any other medical technician job, and promote the relevant skill in an effective and professional manner. This can be achieved by referring to the sample job description provided by employers which if analyzed strategically, can be used to identify skill-sets sought by the employers in the ideal candidate and then present a reliable candidature. This would help in wining employers trust, and incite them to bestow the responsibilities on the candidate. For effective implementation of the discussed information, candidates can refer to the medical appliance technician resume example given below.

Medical Appliance Technician Resume Sample
(For an experienced equipment technician in medical field)

Albert A. Williams

3222 Fidler Drive
San Antonio
Texas - 78205
Tel: (210) 652 9334

Career Objective: To work with a multi-specialty health-care provider, with opportunities to explore technical skill-sets which can be brought to effective use in developing innovative medical equipment, so that patients are provided with best of treatments and organizational objectives are achieved.

Professional Synopsis: I am an adept equipment technician with 9 years of experience in health-care industry. I have worked in various departments of a functional hospital, and helped in engineering innovative medical equipment such as prosthetic limbs, braces, arch supports, etc., which have been helpful for patients in recovering to optimal functionality.

Work Experience:

Medical Technician(2008 - present)
(Research and Development - Limbs and joints)
Niverco Biomedical Pvt. Ltd., Imperial Dr., Amarillo, TX

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing customized supports and arches for patients
  • To coordinate with surgeons and physiotherapists in identifying cause, and providing suitable diagnosis
  • Train and explain patients for using the prosthetic devices and equipment, and their preventive care
  • Provide engineering departments with blueprint/dimensions for building the supports and devices
  • Coordinate with dermatology team for developing suitable pigmentation for the device, which is matching the skin pigmentation
  • To check the device before being fixed or installed for optimal functionality
  • Provide patients with plans and schedules for routine check up and maintenance of the mounted devices
  • To negotiate deals with manufacturers and other external agencies for drafting feasible agreements for the supply and make of different medical appliances
  • Visit client facility to inspect the manufacturing process, and ensure desired technical and hygiene standards are followed
  • Monitor and analyze patient's performance for ensuring benefits of devices are best utilized
  • To coordinate with research and development team in brainstorming new ideas for developing advanced and innovative solutions

Medical Technician(2003 - 2008)
Legacy Biomedical Pvt. Ltd., Cross Park Dr., Austin, TX

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To check all equipment for functionality before recommending for mounting
  • Assist patients to adapt to new devices
  • Coordinate with physiotherapist for developing exercises for patients to regain functionality
  • Explain the manual to take care of equipment, to the patients
  • Coordinate between engineering and research department for recording patient experience and requirements, to develop personalized and innovative solutions
  • Assist surgeons in mounting the devices in the OT (Operation Theater)
  • Disinfect and sanitize the devices before mounting
  • Maintain record of all devices mounted and patient history
  • Follow up with patients for timely check up of devices mounted, and for making necessary adjustment such as for tension, etc.
  • Provide doctors with necessary reports to review the performance of patients treated at the center
  • Maintain log of improvements shown by patients, for developing further plans

Professional Skills:

  • In depth knowledge of biomedical devices
  • Awareness of technological developments in the field of biotechnology
  • Skilled at using computer operated devices
  • Adept at installing, and maintaining the biomedical devices
  • Conversation skills for interacting with patients
  • MS office expertise for maintaining on line records and preparing reports
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering Technology(1999 - 2003)
South Texas University of Medical Sciences, Precinct Line Rd., Hurst, TX

Reference: Could be provided on prior request.

Name: Albert A. Williams

Signature: ####Date: April 16, 2012Place: San Antonio, TX

In the above given medical appliances technician resume example, candidates can incorporate their personal ideas to make their resume unique and easily justifiable. We hope candidates find the sample medical appliance technician resume informative and relevant.

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