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Mapping Technician Resume

Mapping technicians perform a variety of duties right from surveying land and topographic area to creating maps, by referring specific land details. Hence, there should be a high level of technical excellence to offer the necessary technician services. Their work in known for accuracy and exactness, which helps them to discharge their duties properly. First, they verify topographical maps, and then generate the required maps, based on such details. Hence, while applying for a mapping technician position, you need to coordinate the necessary details in a well manner, and thereby manage your technical excellence at handling such mapping functions. You can go through the positional responsibilities to know more about the jobs to be performed.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Surveying land and topographic area details to offer exact locations with the help of maps and required designs
  • Analyzing maps and denoting the specific requirements with necessary accuracy, and exactness to complete them in the true sense
  • Creating maps by analyzing relevant details, and verifying exactness with the established standards to generate the correct maps
  • Updating the relevant changes and monitoring them with the required modifications in the maps; generating maps to facilitate locational comparison, by tracing geographic attributes
  • Carrying out a specific set of tasks such as surveying, calculating, mapping, updating etc., using various resources such as aerial photography, satellite data, records, etc.

Thus, your resume needs to coordinate essential skills to accomplish these tasks, by focusing on your technical excellence and accuracy. Highlight completion of various training programs to offer good mathematical exactness.

In this way, while writing a mapping technician resume, you can focus on your relevant accomplishments in the field, and make necessary utilization of your prior work experiences in designing. Let your resume monitor the development of your organized and integrated profile summary, by showing your good management and organization skills. It should be an effective attempt to market your technical excellence and practice, in providing accurate mapping services.

Timothy L. Sledge
1075 Stone Lane
Eagle, PA 19246
Phone: 643-936-5392
Email Address:


Looking for a mapping technician position to utilize my mathematical and designing excellence into offering mapping services, and prove my potential with a widely gained 6 years experience at the surveying and mapping job.


  • Widely gained 6 years of experience at handling surveying and mapping functions
  • Proficient at providing mathematical and technical services
  • Familiarity with new developments into the mapping field
  • Excellently managed designing and engineering activities


  • Abilities to coordinate, and manage work excellently
  • Good comprehensive approach and logical handling of work
  • Outstanding technical exactness and accuracy, with proficient management
  • Familiarity with advanced tools and techniques used for mapping functions
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities for necessary judgments

Technical skills:

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office functions
  • Excellently managed Auto CAD (Automatic Computer Aided Designing) operations
  • Handled database management (DBMS) functions

Professional experience:

Assistant Mapping Technician , REI Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. Tucson AZ
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities

  • Creating, modifying, and updating the mapping records, and managing the necessary records and documentation
  • Analyzing, surveying, and coordinating the essential details to facilitate comparison of various location and plans
  • Ensuring mathematical accuracy and correctness with the desired work efficiency, to monitor necessary developments
  • Handling computer aided designing, and drafting of maps with a view to ascertain technical conformance, and effective management of legal procedures
  • Estimating mapping requirements and creating customized maps and designs accordingly

Assistant Mapping Technician and Drafter; Universal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Oak Brook, IL
Role and responsibilities

  • Monitoring proper development of designs and maps, to effectively carry out relevant construction projects, and serving the clients with necessary mapping services
  • Offering the customized services to serve the client's requirement, with close integration and designing skills
  • Analyzing topographical details in order to offer exact calculations and accuracy at operational excellence, by making certain notations
  • Managing time schedules, by gathering the required raw data from the available sources, and supplementing it with locational surveys and observations
  • Reviewing the given assignments, and offering the clients with the required service satisfaction


  • Bachelor's in 'Mathematical Science' from the Catholic University of America in 2000
  • Doctor's degree in 'Surveying Technology' from Ferris State University in 2003
  • Completed a diploma course in 'Information Processing Management'
  • Attended a workshop on 'Advanced Developments in Mapping and Surveying' to offer the best designs and maps with the required accuracy


  • Received 'The Professional Surveyor and Mapping Technician Certificate' for discharging all positional responsibilities in an efficient manner.
  • Selection of an internship survey project for National Mapping Surveys, which was carried out for useful research in the field of surveying and mapping


  • Affiliated to the National Society of Professional Surveyors, and an active member of a congress working for establishing mathematical measures for establishing international standards

Mobility and Flexibility:

Readily adaptable to the working environmental requirements, and maintaining necessary flexibility of operations, to meet the customer's requirements in a better way. Assured of good performance, with well updated knowledge, and quick learning aptitude.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Timothy L. Sledge

In this manner, a mapping technician satisfies organization's relevant requirements in connection with mapping function, and thereby helps the organization in getting its objective fulfilled. Such work assumes technical excellence and accuracy, to manage essential aspects of the surveying and mapping by managing all legal procedural formalities. Hence, while writing a mapping technician resume, you need to highlight your proficiency or practice at handling mapping functions efficiently, and offering the client's with required satisfaction.

Thus, give a proper thought over relevant technical aspects of the work, and stress on your key skills and technical training programs, accomplished to provide efficient mapping services. You can send a cover letter highlighting such experiences, and linking your skills with the employer's expectations about the position. It will surely, create an extra advantage, by establishing professional correspondence, showing your suitability for the position.

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