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Light Technician Resume

A Light Technician, as the name suggests is a person responsible for the maintenance and repair of electric wiring. Be it any shop, house, office, etc., electric wiring and fitting is important for every project. Thus, these technicians are in huge demand. They usually have to travel because their job involves on-site duty. He/she visits the site, and takes up the work of installation, repair, etc. Not only this, but these technicians also work with film direction units, events group, etc., and accompany them on-site and look after all the electric fitting needed for shooting, recording, etc. Thus, these technicians have a huge scope. Besides working with an organization, they also work independently and take up tasks or assignments, just like a small business owner. Commonly known as an Electrician, these technicians are involved in any small or big project pertaining to electric fitting and maintenance. The sample light technician resume given below will help understand this job profile. Also, the one's looking for suitable resume samples will get an answer to their query with this sample resume.

Light Technician Resume Sample

Tim .P. James
Downtown Housing
21 Downtown Lane
Hartford, CT 06105
Ph: 888-204-4058

Career Objective:

Having gained expertise by working in this field for almost 5 years, am now looking for supervisory job opportunities wherein I get to handle a team of technicians. I have worked on different projects like residential societies, film and television crews, commercial projects, etc., and am thus capable of working independently.

Career Summary:

Am currently employed with TXS Electric Technicians as a Sr. Light Technicians. As a Sr. Light Technician, I am responsible for working on large commercial and residential projects. Having begun my career as a Jr. Light Technician, I worked on small projects, maintenance and repair projects, and am thus thorough with all the job responsibilities of a Light Technician. I manage and assist the team of junior technicians accompanying me, and am capable of handling and working in teams.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with the electric wiring, fitting, and maintenance of different projects of different requirements
  • Thorough with the safety measures to be taken while working on such projects
  • Proven ability of working in teams
  • Good management skills
  • Good coordination skills
  • Comfortable in handling small teams, training, and supervising junior technicians, etc.
  • Good at designing layout of fitting and wiring for projects, and implementing the same effectively

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: TXS Electric Technicians, Hartford, CT (2009-till date)
Designation: Sr. Light Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for handling a team of junior light technicians
  • Responsible for planning the layout of electric wiring and fitting after considering various factors like illumination requirement, safety, etc.
  • Responsible for monitoring the purchases for the project
  • Responsible for drafting the inventory requirement for the project and make sure that everything meets the standard safety regulations
  • Train the juniors in maintenance and basic safety procedures to be followed while working on-site
  • Do a thorough check of all the technicalities pertaining to lighting before any live show or event to avoid any breakdowns during the same

Previous Work Experiences:

A] SPS Electricians, Hartford, CT (2006-2008)
Designation: Light Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work under the supervision of senior technicians
  • Assist in the fitting and wiring of light for stage shows, events, etc.
  • Assist in maintenance and repair of wiring in various residential or commercial projects


  • Diploma in Electric Engineering, St. Poplar's Institute - 2006
  • High School Diploma, St. John's School - 2005

Computer Skills:

  • Thorough with MS Office and web surfing

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Playing Rugby and driving


Looking for suitable opportunities in Connecticut and Florida


Available on request


Tim .P. James

The sample light technician resume given above puts forth the candidature of a Light Technician and helps us understand the scope of work of a technician in the same. A Light Technician as mentioned above can work on various commercial and residential projects, as well work on different live shows or shooting projects. Refer to the above given resume sample and draft a resume that helps in putting forth your candidature effectively.

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