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IT Field Technician Resume

Resume demonstrates one's professional level. This is done by advertising the skill sets and the work experience. It is necessary to demonstrate in such a way that brings the resume in the limelight. This IT field technician resume is an example on how to present yourself as a qualified applicant. The information displayed in the resume is sure to meet the requirement of the position. The aim of this resume is to make your screening a successful and a meaningful one. This sample will make your job application a successful attempt.

The IT field technician is a customer service professional specialized in computer applications. The main role of the profile is to provide installation and maintenance service of the computers at the customer's site. The IT field technician is also known as a computer technician.

The job responsibilities of an IT field technician include installing the computer parts, diagnosing the application and functionality issues, repairing the computer parts, maintaining the communication equipment server, inventory of software and hardware products, assembling the computer parts, checking the computer functionalities and applications, running and testing computer applications, checking computer capacity, providing guidelines to the customer on computer maintenance, providing network access, loading software, maximizing the existing technology, maintaining the repairing logs, preparing hardware for disposal, monitoring the computer hardware and software systems, and installing the computer virus and security systems.

The IT field technician should be well versed with computer peripherals, configuration, maintenance as well as hardware and software applications. The role demands effective communication, troubleshooting, time management, analytical, and customer service skills. It is necessary to obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science.

Sample IT Field Technician Resume

Alin Mathew
1434 Second Street
Santa Monica, Los Angles 90401
Cell: (310) 875-1286

Career Statement:

Looking for a responsible position as an IT field technician, wherein my expertise and experience in installation and maintenance of computer applications in a renowned and prestigious organization can be utilized

Knowledge & Competencies:

  • Extensive knowledge of computer systems, components, and sub components
  • Comprehensive knowledge computer hardware, software applications, and programs
  • In-depth knowledge of Windows Operating Systems, network cabling, and monitoring process
  • Well versed in software diagnostic procedures, configuration, and installation of computer parts
  • Skilled in learning new technologies and the ability to perform tasks with minimum supervision
  • Possess excellent problem solving, analytical, communication, and troubleshooting skills

Job Experience:

Organization: Moran Software, Los Angles
Duration: July 2011 till date
Designation: IT Field Technician

  • Handle the tasks of assembling computer system parts and sub-parts for various applications
  • Responsible for developing quality control standards and measures to ensure proper application and functionality of the installed system
  • Assigned the responsibilities of repairing computer parts and providing the necessary network access to the customers
  • Perform the tasks of developing system testing procedures and continuous system improvement plans
  • Responsible for testing and validating the new software versions installed in the computer systems
  • Assigned the responsibilities of building the computer systems and procurement of computer parts

Organization: Amdus Solutions, Los Angles
Duration: July 2009 to June 2010
Designation: IT Staff

  • Assigned the responsibilities of installing computer systems and developing preventive maintenance procedures
  • Performed the tasks of identifying and solving hardware and software related issues
  • Handled responsibilities of configuration of software systems by conducting research on the specific applications
  • Responsible for providing technical support and application guidelines to the end users
  • Assigned the tasks of installing network cables and monitoring the communication devices
  • Handled the responsibilities of testing the computer systems and installing the security systems
  • Performed the tasks of checking and testing the application speed and maintaining repair logs

Educational Summary:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering
Los Angles University in 2009

The structure of a resume should be clearly laid out. The maximum time is 30 seconds that the employer normally takes in the screening process. The above resume highlights the information that brings the applicant in the positive light. This resume is to help in accomplishing your goal of getting a job interview. Applicants/job seekers can review the sample and get the most effective techniques of preparing a professional resume. Get ready to write a resume that really works in the job application process. Consider this resume as a guideline towards the making of a successful resume.

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