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Forensic Science Technician Resume

Forensic science is a stream that works in close coordination with the crime investigation department. These personnel work in field or in laboratory to gather evidences, test evidences, and help build strong proof against the convict or help gather essential evidences that gives a direction to the case. These scientists usually visit the crime scene and collect evidences, which they later test in the lab. In situations where the evidences have to be tested then and there, these personnel take the required chemicals and equipment, and check the on-site evidences to help solve a case or gather some proof. Their findings are so reliable that one can be convicted or trusted to be innocent. These personnel work for local law enforcement bodies or investigation agencies. They test blood samples, fingerprints, chemicals, poisons, clothes, bullets, etc. There are so many advanced technologies used in this field today that the criminals hardly get a chance to get away. After some years of thorough expertise, these officials can independently handle the laboratory and train new scientists. Many work independently and establish their own laboratories supporting private detective agencies. Usually they work in clean and safe laboratories, but in some cases they have to visit the crime scene, which might involve risk. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of the law enforcement body that Forensic Scientists dream of working with. To apply for the said job profile, one can refer to the forensic science technician resume sample given below.

Forensic Science Technician Resume Sample

Sarah .P. James
Clara Cross Street
21 Downtown Lane
Hartford, CT 06108
Ph: 888-026-0085

Career Objective:

Having gained thorough expertise over a span of 6 years , am looking for senior positions wherein I get to manage a laboratory and train the new Forensic Experts joining the laboratory. Willing to accept more complicated cases and challenges, such that my expertise is used to the utmost, to help bring justice.

Career Summary:

Currently working with Department of Criminal Investigation, Hartford, Connecticut as a Sr. Forensic Expert. I am responsible for testing various evidences, maintaining the equipment in the laboratory, understanding the operating procedure of new equipment and technology introduced in the field of forensic science, getting the same in the laboratory, training the new joiners on handling evidences and using various equipment, etc.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with the equipment used in forensic testing
  • Thorough with the serological testing techniques, DNA typing, etc.
  • Exceptionally good observation skills that help in collecting evidences
  • Good team handling skills
  • Thorough with all the regulations governing forensic testing, safety measures to be followed while using different chemicals, etc.
  • Proven ability of working in challenging situations and coordinating with teams

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Department of Criminal Investigation, Hartford, Connecticut (2008-till date)
Designation: Sr. Forensic Expert
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Reporting to the Chief Scientist
  • Responsible for handling and training juniors
  • Responsible for testing evidences, using latest technologies, implementing latest technologies in the laboratory, sending request for buying required equipment and latest equipment, etc.
  • Conducted various sample tests - like DNA, blood samples, fingerprints, etc.
  • Responsible for testing evidences like soil residue, hair, evidences that are tampered, etc.
  • Visit the crime scene as and when required to collect some evidences that are out of the purview of the investigating police officials
  • Appear in the court hearing to present the forensic reports and analysis based on the test of evidences

Previous Work Experiences:

A] Forensic Science Laboratory, Hartford, CT
Designation: Associate Forensic Science Technician (2004-2007)
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work under the supervision of senior forensic experts
  • Assist in collecting evidences, analyzing test results, preparing reports, etc.
  • Assist in installing, operation, and maintenance of lab equipment


  • Bachelors of Art with honors in Criminal Psychology, Hartford University - 2004
  • Associate Degree in Forensic Science, Hartford University - 2004

Computer Skills:

  • Thorough with MS Office and Internet operations

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Playing chess and badminton


Looking for suitable opportunities in Connecticut and Florida


Available on request


Sarah .P. James

The sample forensic science technician resume given above puts forth the candidature of a Forensic Science Technician. It gives a clear idea of how one can present one's candidature and present one's expertise in best possible manner to convince the prospective employer that one suits the job offer and can do full justice to it. Use the given sample resume to draft your perfect professional resume sample.

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