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Equipment Technician Resume

You may be in search of the best tips and guidelines of preparing a resume. If so, you are somewhere near the art of gaining perfection in writing resume. A perfectly drafted resume is the most important part in getting the right job. A resume is required for any type of job application. The equipment technician resume sample in the page talks about the best guideline of preparing a unique resume. The technique applied in the sample is a common and unique way of generating a perfect and impressive resume.

An equipment technician provides services in operating and testing the equipment. The equipment can be of any type depending on the type of industry. It can be power equipment, heavy machineries, production equipment, and hand tools. The major purpose of the profile is to provide technical insights in the operation, servicing, and repairing of the equipment.

The common job responsibilities of an equipment technician include providing guidelines in the operation, repairing and maintaining the equipment, handling inventory control procedures, overseeing and maintaining the equipment, providing corrective maintenance guidelines, servicing equipment, handling performance testing, providing technical aspects on the use of equipment, troubleshooting equipment, modification and adjustment of equipment, defining product specifications, conducting root cause analysis, calibrating and assembling the equipment, providing corrective action plans, maintaining the equipment testing tools, planning strategic equipment maintenance and testing procedures, installing the product and running the product to check the functionality.

An equipment technician should obtain a bachelorís degree in electrical engineering. The job demands excellent knowledge of equipment technology and electrical engineering practices and methodologies. It is required to possess excellent troubleshooting, communication, analytical, and communication skills.

Equipment Technician Resume

Mark Miller
7431 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
Cell: (333)-543-8120


Seeking a position as an equipment technician to provide valuable inputs in operation, repairing, and maintenance of products in an established organization

Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of engineering equipment, quality testing cycle, and quality assurance procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of identifying equipment defect, root cause analysis, and corrective action plans
  • Sound knowledge of product testing and repairing procedures and equipment maintenance tools
  • Ability to provide effective customer service with sound knowledge of building relationship with customers
  • Possess excellent troubleshooting, communication, and management skills

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering
University of Ohio in the year 2009

Work Experience:

Organization: Hyden Products, Ohio
Duration: September 2011 till date
Designation: Equipment Technician

  • Handle the tasks of operating, maintaining, and inspecting the equipment
  • Assigned the responsibilities of installing, assembling, and cleaning the equipment
  • Perform the tasks of planning standard equipment testing guidelines and servicing of equipment parts
  • Responsible for conducting routine inspection of equipment and conduct preventive maintenance procedures
  • Assigned the responsibilities of inspecting equipment defects and providing corrective action plans as required
  • Handled customer queries and provided maintenance guidelines to customers

Organization: Slown Corporation, Ohio
Duration: July 2009 to August 2011
Designation: Junior Equipment Technician

  • Assigned the tasks of repairing and maintaining equipment at the customer site
  • Handled system functional testing as well as inspection of equipment
  • Performed the tasks of maintaining the equipment in a safe order and working condition
  • Responsible for providing operational support in testing equipment quality and equipment maintenance procedures
  • Handled the responsibilities of troubleshooting equipment problems and providing the knowledge of equipment maintenance to customers
  • Assigned the tasks of calibrating and assembling the equipment under the guidelines of equipment technicians
  • Performed the responsibilities of planning strategic equipment maintenance and testing procedures as required


Will be pleased to provide upon request

Know the requirement of the job before going with the writing process. This step will enable you to come up with essential information required in the resume. In terms of organizing the content, the sections in the sample can be used as a reference. The striking part of this resume is that it manages the content by using proper sections. The resume sample in the page reveals the successful way of generating a standard and winning resume. This resume will not only helps in the getting a job interview, but also helps in achieving perfection in resume writing.

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