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Emergency Medical Technician Resume

Besides doctors and nurses that treat patients in the hospitals, there is another set of staff that helps patients in emergency situations like accidents, cardiac arrests, etc., known as Emergency Medical Service Providers or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). These are not professional doctors but are trained in paramedics, such that when they reach the location they make sure that the patient gets emergency medical services. Usually, in the initial 15-20 minutes after an accident or cardiac arrest, the patient has to be given the emergency medical care like oxygen supply, CPR, injections, etc., on the way to the hospital. Thus, these paramedics are trained in the same and help in saving precious lives. The candidates looking for suitable emergency medical technician resume sample will get their query answered here.

Emergency Medical Technician Resume Sample

Sheryl .S. Marc
Great Land Street
Cherry Drive Crossroad
Fort Lauderdale, FL 20001
Ph: 888-045-0506

Career Objective:

Willing to work with some of the largest paramedics in USA that provide utmost emergency medical care to patients in dire need of the same. Wish to use my expertise to give life to such patients so that no one loses life because of delay or improper emergency medical support.

Career Summary:

Having worked in the Paramedics for almost 6 years am now working with JSJ Holy Life Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, Florida as the Sr. Emergency Medical Technician. As a Sr. Technician, am responsible for dispatching medical support on time and making sure that all the medical equipment function effectively and use the same on the patients as and when needed. Am thorough with first aid, and other emergency medical help like CPR, and necessary medicines that support the patient on his/her way to the hospital.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough with the first aid skills
  • Well acquainted with stress response and hustle and bustle of emergency situations
  • Ability to keep oneself calm and composed to avoid panic and worsen the situation and patient's health further
  • Thorough with the Basic Life Support equipment; its operation, maintenance, and usage
  • Thorough with the safety measures to be followed while placing the patient on the stretcher
  • Comfortable in working in shifts and handle emergency situations effectively
  • Good communication and coordination skills
  • Caring nature and optimistic attitude that helps patient stay positive and fight for life

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: JSJ Holy Life Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2008-till date)
Designation: Emergency Medical Technician
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Respond to the emergency medical calls, dispatch the ambulance equipped with necessary medication
  • Accompany the doctors and paramedics and make sure that the patient is picked up on time
  • While on board, make sure that the patient gets the required emergency medical treatment like oxygen supply, CPR, etc.
  • Competent in using Basic Life Support equipment and providing necessary medication
  • Caring nature and positive approach to help boost the morale of the patient such that he/she responds to the medication and does not give up until taken to the hospital
  • Maintain and operate the equipment and make sure that the paramedics van or chopper is equipped with the same to avoid any last minute hurry

Previous Work Experiences:

St. Louis Medical Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (2005-2008)
Designation: Jr. Paramedic Technician

  • Assist the Sr. Technician
  • Assist in loading the required medicines, equipment, etc.
  • Update the doctor about the accident scene such that he/she plans the initial action to be taken
  • Assist the seniors in operating and maintaining the basic life support equipment


  • Masters of Science, University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 2005
  • Certified and licensed for EMT, Lexus Hospitals - 2005

Computer Skills:

  • Thorough with basic computer operations and web surfing

Hobbies and Interests:

Playing with pets, gardening, and reading


Willing to relocate to Richmond


Available on request

Sheryl .S. Marc(dd/mm/yyyy)

The emergency medical technician resume sample given above helps us understand the professional resume format that helps in portraying one's candidature for the said position. It gives a ready to use sample that helps in drafting a resume and presenting oneself for the said job offer as effectively as possible. Use the same to draft your perfect resume and apply for your dream job. Also check for the best related post cover letter.

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