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Electronic Technician Resume

Besides construction and maintenance of electronic devices, an electronic technician has to install and maintain electrical circuits and equipment and intercom systems. He or she is also expected to develop new electronic equipment from schematic designs and select and prepare a layout of the components, debug and tests circuits. He or she must contribute expertise in designing and modifying specialised electronic equipment for research purposes and offer technical guidance in this regard.

An electronic technician must have the capacity to install and assemble of various electronic systems based on technical specifications. He/she must be an expert in repairing and maintaining the electronic systems, as and when needed. He/she is also expected to handle the tools, both powers operated and manual, safely to avoid accidents causing injuries. The installed equipments are to be inspected periodically to identify defects and for replacements.

An electronic technician is responsible for maintaining the manual of instructions and maintenance procedures and documenting them and is expected to maintain an inventory of the components and tools. He or she must be able to create new ideas for the improved system performances and upgrading the equipments. He or she is also responsible to mentor and train the other junior technicians in the interest of the organisation.

Kevin I
704, Hanover Street
Phone: 917-670-0201

Job Objective:

I am looking for a position of an electronic technician in a reputed organisation to use my technical sills to a maximum level and remain beneficial to the company.

Areas of Excellence:

  • Well versed with advanced test engineering to test electronic and electrical equipment.
  • Have the capacity to design analog and digital control system.
  • Have the ability to identify defects in electronic equipment and troubleshoot them.
  • Expert in circuit simulation.
  • Proficient in maintenance of computer software and hardware installation, configuration, etc.
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and the like.
  • Efficient in electrical and mechanical drawings and can interpret and explain any such drawings.
  • Possess deep knowledge in electronics theories, concepts, definitions, principles and procedures.

Professional Experience:

Position: Electronic Technician
Company: ABC Electronics, Ledyard, CT
Period: From March, 2007 to till today


  • Have assembled and repaired circuit boards.
  • In charge of maintenance of all types of machinery and equipment of the company.
  • Responsible for maintaining inventory of the stocks and for ordering new supplies, as and when needed.
  • Always worked with a team of skilled technicians and provided high quality repair services to increase the revenue.
  • Whenever new equipment is developed or repaired the existing ones, either for the company or for the customers, I have documented the job notes for future references.
  • In respect of repairs on circuits, I have done the wiring and soldering by using soldering irons and hand tools in order to install new parts and adjust existing connections.

Professional Experience:

Position: Electronic Technician
Firm: XYZ Electronics Inc, Findlay, OH
Period: January, 2001 to December, 2006

Roles Played:

  • Had examined the equipment to identify the defects like loose connections, disconnected wires, or burned components by using schematic diagrams and other test equipment.
  • Removed or replaced the defective components and parts such as conductors, semi-conductors, resistors and integrated circuits using soldering irons, wire cutters and other hand tools.
  • In the discharge of work, had followed the standard operating procedures and policies and reported the errors, when noticed.
  • There were no limitations to my work and had tested electronic equipment such as fuses, panel boards, heaters, starters, switches, switch boards, invertors, transformers and more.
  • Had trained the new entrants by taking them with me, wherever I go to undertake repairs of all sorts of electronic equipment.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from a University in New York.


Available upon request

If your dream is to become an electronic technician and you have the required qualifications for that position, you have to prepare an attractive and impressive electronic technician resume to be reviewed by your prospective employer. The importance of electronic technician resume is that it is all about selling yourself. The employers might have received numerous resumes, but you have to prepare the resume to win the contest of short listing the candidates for the interview.

The details of electronic technician resume should contain your accomplishments, skills, qualifications and experiences that are closely related to the job requirement, namely electronic technician, and then there will be no doubt that your resume will be a winning resume-winning the interview and the job at a later stage. Give the details of your previous experiences numbering about two or three and not more than that and these experiences should fulfil the job requirements, you are applying for at present.

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