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Electrical Technician Resume

With professional expertise in handling electrical tools and equipment, an Electrical Technician is responsible for offering effective repairs and maintenance support to engineers to keep the machinery updated and in proper condition. Hence, his/her main responsibilities relates to designing, developing, and testing electrical wiring equipment and performing daily check, repairs and maintenance of the same. Thus, he/she is accountable for development of effective tools with close monitoring of electrical circuits and wiring functions.

While applying for the post, the candidate is required to discuss his/her excellence in the field with the relevant technical skills and qualifications. Portraying a convincing profile picture is possible with a detailed description about the works performed. Offer essential information regarding trainings received and professional practices in the field. To have a close understanding of the work, go through the duties that need to be discharged as a part of employment.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Identifying the organization's requirements in connection with technical functions to ascertain the desired quality control and safety measures.
  • Providing technical support to manage research, development, repairs and maintenance functions.
  • Ensuring optimum utilization of organizational resources with identification of the required electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Contributing towards development of customized designs that serve the organization's needs in relation to improvement of operational efficiency.
  • Managing safety and control functions, while improving process efficiency with the help of mechanical operations.

An Electrical Technician with professional understanding of technical services, works for the development of effective electrical equipment and tools to achieve the organization's growth and development objectives.

Below, find an electrical technician resume sample that communicates the candidate's future career aspirations about the work, with presentation of technical skills and excellence in the field. Get necessary support to understand, how to write a well organized resume.

Paul G. Crocker
3980 Caldwell Road
Bliss, NY 14024
Phone: 725-246-9274
Email Address:


With professional engineering licensure, and practiced excellence in the field of providing electrical technician services, looking for the position of an Electrical Technician in a manufacturing industry, where I will get tremendous opportunities for growth and advancements.


  • Provided professional and result oriented technician services as an Assistant Electrical Engineer.
  • Completed 5 years apprenticeship under the supervision of a Professional Electrical Technician.
  • A Certified Electrical Technician
  • Nation-wide recognition for completion of an advanced research and development project in the field of technology engineering.
  • Excellence in providing highly customized technician services


  • Effective communication and administration skills
  • Strong research and development aptitude with necessary critical thinking abilities
  • Application based thinking abilities with professional handling of technician job
  • Skilled in professional development of prototypes and testing operations
  • Comprehensive thinking and problem solving skills
  • Mathematical, analytical, and statistical excellence to handle numerical functions

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office functions management
  • Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations
  • Database Management (DBMS) functions


  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technology and Management from Texas Southern University in 2008.
  • Completed Diploma in Electrical Equipment and Tools Management from Texas Tech University System.
  • Received training to understand advanced technological applications in the field of electrical engineering, to develop electrical engineering solutions.

Professional Experience:

EITA Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd. Bliss, NY
Designation: Assistant Electrical Engineer

2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities:

  • Defining the firm's requirements in relation to the development of electrical equipment and tools.
  • Providing professional support to design and develop the required prototypes with different testing functions.
  • Detecting errors of function and providing quick and efficient services with the given engineering specifications by the authority.
  • Installing new technology with the required training assistance to the operational level workforce.
  • Managing necessary documentation and records in connection with the technician services provided.

EYQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Staten Island, NY
Designation: Assistant Electrical Technician

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Offered research and development support with establishment of testing and evaluation measures.
  • Provided planning and control support to the engineer and performed daily repairs and maintenance.
  • Ensured smooth operational functions with the development of effective performance monitoring system.
  • Identified the organization's requirements to provide need based electrical engineering solutions.


  • Recipient of 'Engineer of the Year 2011' award for vital contribution in the development of advanced electrical equipment and tools.


  • An active member of an alumni association formed of ex-students of Electrical Engineering Technology and Management from Texas Southern University, providing a broad platform to discuss technological advancements and its applications.
  • Associated with a technological institution network, providing necessary assistance to install new and advanced technological systems.

Mobility and Flexibility:

With extensive experience in dealing with technical functions, able to handle independent technician jobs. Abilities to offer the industry's best performances with the required flexibility of approach and technical adaptability.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Paul G. Crocker

Thus, with the given sample resume, the applicant will get an idea about how to draft his/her own resume sample. To begin with, create a well comprehensive resume objective, communicating professional skills and apprenticeships completed to offer the recruiter with a convincing profile picture. Hence, emphasizing professional approach to handle technician services and in depth understanding of electrical engineering functions, will be advantageous for him/her.

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