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EKG Technician Resume

An EKG technician is responsible to perform tests on EKG machine in respect of the patients with heart problems. This technician has to check the patient with chest pain by connecting the electrocardiogram equipment to the chest of the patient as well as attaching electrodes to arms, legs and chest. He or she is also required to attach electrocardiograph electrodes and halter monitor in order to record information.

Then, the technician has to edit and forward the final reports to the physician, who referred the patient. These technicians work in hospitals, clinics and clinical laboratories along with other technicians. An EKG technician has to operate EKG equipment such as treadmills, pacemaker and event and halter monitor, etc. He or she has to prepare paperwork and interpret the results.

An EKG technician has to develop good relationship with all the employees and technicians to maintain a working environment. He or she has also to attend the duty on emergency call. He/she is in charge of maintaining the equipment and report to the supervisor, if there is a need to repair the equipment. Apart from taking ECG, the technician has to monitor the blood pressure and heart rate of the patient, as per the instructions of the doctor.

Bryan M
1388, Reppert Coal Road
Bloomfield Township
Phone: 586-918-8827

Job Objective:

I am looking for the position of a EKG technician in a renowned hospital to use my skills and serve the cardiac patients.

Skills Possessed:

  • Have great experience in operating EKG equipment and can test on patients ranging from infants to old aged people.
  • Can act efficiently and with speed in case of emergency needs.
  • Highly experienced in generating reports after taking the tests on the patients.
  • Thorough with every part of the EKG machine and can perform minor repairs.
  • As per the prevailing situation, can take correct decisions and that too instantly.
  • Have the ability to understand all types of diagnostic results.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and can write reports after analysing the results of the tests.
  • Always responsible and punctual, which are the essential qualities to work in a hospital.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as an EKG technician in Immaculate Hospitals, Aiken, SC from January, 2006 to till date and discharged the following responsibilities.

  • Have performed EKG tests on many patients.
  • Have maintained the equipment and the relevant tools in good condition and sterilized them frequently.
  • Responsible for maintaining the records of the patients as well as the confidentiality of the reports.
  • Before taking any test, have made the patients feel comfortable and explained them about the tests to be undertaken.
  • Responsible for printing the reports and graphs and interpret the results.
  • Responsible for receiving the patients and their aides and collecting the basic information about the patients.
  • If any abnormal scan deviations are found, I have informed the cardiologists.

Professional Experience:

Position: EKG technician
Organisation: Mount Hospital, Camden, NJ
Period: From June, 2001 to December, 2005

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Had regularly discussed with cardiologists to establish requirements for examination.
  • Before taking up the tests ensured the safety of the patients and created a fine environment to undergo the test.
  • Besides operating the equipment, was looking after the nutritional care of the patients and delivered their requirements.
  • After the tests are completed, the results of the tests are compiled, interpreted and filed for the perusal of the cardiologists.
  • Had identified and resolved the cardio graphic error messages on the computer.
  • Maintained all the equipment in good condition for use at any time.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Bio-chemistry from a college in Washington.
I have secured a certificate having attended the one year diploma on EKG technician course from a Cardiology Institute in Washington.


Ready to furnish on demand

As you are aware that the first impression is the best impression, you have to prepare an EKG technician resume, which has to impress the hiring manager at the first sight, in order to secure an EKG technician resume. The importance of EKG technician resume is that you have to map your contributions with what the organisation is looking for. You have to customize your resume according to the job requirements and expectations of the employers.

You can contact the current employees of the company, in which you are interested to join, and learn about the company's goals and objectives and the functions of the company. If you have those skills, qualifications and experience, do not fail to explain them, while giving the details of EKG technician resume. This means, you have to tailor your resume according to the needs of the company. As an EKG technician, you might have done some exemplary services with your previous employer and these details deserve a mention in your current resume.

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