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Direct TV Technician Resume

A direct TV technician has to install television systems for residential and commercial purposes. He or she has the responsibility to evaluate and assess the job site and conduct surveys to ensure maximum utility of the placement of satellite dish antenna and equipment. He or she has the responsibility to use problem solving and technical skills in installing quality satellite dish for the users.

A direct TV technician has also the responsibility to provide technical guidance in using the systems and educate them on the proper usage. On customer's call, the technician should come forward to troubleshoot the problems in the television systems. He or she is also required to manage and maintain the administrative process, inventory of equipment, work orders and documentation.

A direct TV technician is also responsible to maintain the annual maintenance contract schedules and attend to the calls of the customers and get the repairs done and substitute the components, if found necessary. He or she must adhere strictly to the instructions and the guidelines as prescribed in the manual.

Daniel K
3871, Locust Street
Los Angeles
Phone: 562-450-7900

Job Objective:

I am looking to get the position of a direct TV technician as I am skilled in the field and can be beneficial to the organisation.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Have the capacity to identify the exact location for installation of satellite TV.
  • Possess deep knowledge about equipment connected with satellite television.
  • Proficient in installing set top box, antenna and other accessories at the customer's end.
  • Possess enough skills in adjusting antenna to get clarity in transmission, clear signal reception and clear picture.
  • Have the capacity to attend a maximum of 12 customer calls per day and of course, this depends upon the nature of the complaints and time consumed.
  • Possess high technical skills in identifying the defects in the set top box and antenna and repairing the same.
  • Can create paper work and documentation regarding the work processes required for providing TV connections to the customers and business houses.
  • Have capacity to provide excellent customer service to their satisfaction.

Professional Experience:

Position: Direct TV Technician
Company: Moses Telecommunications, Everett, WA
Period: From January, 2006 to till today


  • Have installed and set many direct TV connections to many customers as well as reputed business centres.
  • Supervised the juniors, while they are at work, and ensured that safety procedures are strictly adhered to, during the installations.
  • Trained the customers regarding the operations of Direct TV and cleared their queries, by giving necessary clarifications.
  • Have promptly attended to the problems in set top boxes and antenna as and when called for.
  • As per the contract agreements between the company and the customers, attended regular service works.
  • Have prepared the necessary documents and handed over the same to the clients before handing over the systems.
  • Helped the assistants in setting up of the antenna in correct angle so as to get a clear picture.

Professional Experience:

Position Held: Direct TV Technician
Organisation: Clear Vision TV Network and Services, Rochester, KY
Period: February, 2000 to December, 2005

Roles and Responsibilities Held:

  • After reviewing the installation orders, managed and supervised the team in providing satellite TV installations at the customer's end.
  • After getting appointment schedules with the customers, gathered and carried the equipments, supplies and tools to the customer's site for installation work.
  • After evaluating the location, prepared the lay out for installing equipment and decided the wiring plan.
  • Prescribed safety measures were strictly followed during installation.
  • Attended to additional duties as assigned by the management.

Educational qualifications:

I have an Associate degree in Applied Electrical Science from a University In Hawaii.
I also possess a High School Diploma.


Will be furnished on request

It is an established fact, in the job hunt, that the candidates are required to prepare a Direct TV technician resume, if they are skilled in that profession and seeking job in that field. The importance of Direct TV technician resume is that the overall appearance of the resume and it is needless to state that the resume must be attractive, to draw the attention of the reviewers. Only when the hiring managers are impressed about the contents of your resume, you will have a chance for an interview call.

You must remember that your resume is a refection of your qualities and characteristics. The manner, in which the details of Direct TV technician resume are described, is the deciding factor, whether to call you for an interview or not. You have to create a resume that is top notch and must induce the employer to consider you for interview.

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