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Diesel Technician Resume

It is necessary to make sure that your resume stands distinctly in the job market. This resume example will help you in winning a job interview. It defines how to start and what to include in the resume. This diesel technician resume template shows professionalism in terms of information and style of presentation. It has been drafted in a specific way related with the job. The overall idea of this resume is to provide end to end support in the writing process. You can utilize the techniques updated in the sample to build an outstanding resume. This resume sample will have a positive impact in the job search process.

Diesel technician is a service professional that performs repairing and maintenance of diesels. This can be of vehicles like car, trucks, trains, and any vehicles run on diesel.

The responsibilities of a diesel technician include repairing diesel engines, conducting diagnostic and running of diesel, maintaining cooling systems, rebuilding diesel parts and replacing worn parts, identifying issues in diesel, cleaning oil filters, repairing electrical systems, measuring diesel power, maintaining repairing tools and equipment, repairing fuel engine systems, maintaining power generators, disassembling vehicle parts, performing maintenance and preventive maintenance procedures, testing repaired vehicles, repairing diesel equipment, and so on. Candidates with diploma in high school are eligible to apply the position. The job demands knowledge of diesel and vehicle combustion systems. Good troubleshooting, communication, and problem solving are some of the essential skill sets of a diesel technician.

Sample Diesel Technician Resume

Sandy Woods
789 S. Woodrow Lane, Atlanta, GA 30125
Contact: 404- 990-9820

Summary of Goal:

Seeking an opportunity to work as a diesel technician to utilize my mechanical and repairing of vehicles in a fast paced and dynamic working environment

Job Knowledge & Core Competencies:

  • Extensive knowledge of vehicle combustion systems, electrical and control systems
  • Diverse knowledge of repairing and maintenance of diesel vehicles
  • Hands on experience in procurement and maintenance of vehicle parts and equipment
  • Attention to detail with excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Possess excellent communication, organizational, and customer service skills
  • Ability to interact with customers in a professional manner with multi tasking skills

Job Experience:

Organization: FDS Repairing Inc, Georgina
Duration: 2011 till date
Designation: Diesel Technician

  • Handle the tasks of repairing buses and electrical systems
  • Perform the responsibilities of inspecting bus equipment and fitting repair parts
  • Handle the tasks of repairing breakdown vehicles, balancing wheels, and inspecting vehicle malfunctioning parts
  • Assigned the responsibilities of aligning light systems, testing repaired vehicles, and repainting of vehicle parts
  • Perform the tasks of developing corrective action plans to maintain the working condition of the vehicle in a smooth and effective condition
  • Handle the responsibilities of disassembling vehicle parts to perform necessary diagnosis of the defective parts
  • Perform all other job responsibilities and related activities as required

Organization: SVD Suxesd, Georgina
Duration: 2010-2011
Designation: Junior Diesel Technician

  • Handled the responsibilities of oiling vehicle parts and identifying vehicle parts that need repairing
  • Assigned the tasks of maintaining store rooms and changing vehicle filters
  • Performed the responsibilities of identifying defects that may lead to dangerous events and update the same to the senior diesel technician
  • Responsible for preparing inventory list and record maintenance of usage parts in repairing and servicing
  • Handled the responsibilities of maintaining mechanical tools and equipment by following standard guidelines and procedures
  • Performed the tasks of tuning engines as well as conducted the testing of combustion control systems

Educational Summary:

Achieved High School Diploma
School of Georgina in the year 2010


Will be available upon request

When preparing resume, it's important to take care of the font and the style of presenting the information. The contact information like name, address, phone no, and email ID should be placed at the top. Draft the information in a precise way and try to fit the information in a page or two. For more clarity, the above resume can be referred. The resume example in the page will help you in generating a resume that is worth a job interview. Try to pick every vital piece of information updated in the sample to bring your resume to perfection.

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