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Dialysis Patient Care Technician Resume

Job Description:

The patients, who are suffering from kidney failure, have to undergo the dialysis treatment in order to remove waste materials such as salts and toxins or completely perform the functions of a kidney. A dialysis patient care technician, who operates the machine, should be highly skilled and trained. It is also the responsibility of the technician to prepare the patient for the dialysis and make the patient feel comfortable while the dialysis treatment is on.

A dialysis patient care technician has to record the vital signs of the patient, as and when required, and to take care of the patient after the completion of the dialysis process. Besides the above explained significant duties, a dialysis patient care technician has to maintain the dialysis equipment in condition all the time, stocking the necessary supplies and ordering for the new supplies, when needed. He/she may have to attend some important administration duties such as answering queries from the patients and scheduling their appointments.

A dialysis patient care technician has to be technically skilled and possess good interpersonal skills and he or she has to work under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Jerry M
2818, Villa Drive
Phone: 574-586-4142

Job Objective:

I am looking for an opportunity to serve as a dialysis patient care technician in a reputed organization to use my technical skills for the benefit of the patients.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess good operational knowledge of dialysis machines and can maintain it in a good condition for use at any time
  • Have the ability to deal with the patients and move them safely to the dialysis center and handle the machines with utmost care
  • Have excellent capacity to communicate and converse with the health officials, patients and other public members
  • Highly proficient with terminal dialysis terms
  • Flexible in adjusting the working hours according to the urgent needs and to meet the staff needs of the dialysis unit
  • Have the ability to record the vital signs of the patients before and after dialysis
  • Have the capacity to collect the data, prepare reports on the results and interpret the findings.

Professional Experience:

Present Post: Dialysis Patient Care Technician
Hospital: St. Joseph's Hospital, Aiken, SC
Period: From November, 2007 to till date
Responsibilities Looking After:

  • Before the dialysis treatment commenced, have checked the health of the patients under the guidance of the registered nurse
  • Responsible for gathering and documenting all the health related information of the patients
  • Responsible for providing assistance to the registered nurse on analyzing and documenting overall health information of all the dialysis patients
  • Have monitored the dialysis treatment and recorded the dialysis flow charts
  • Responsible for observing the patients during dialysis and reporting to the superiors, if any abnormal conditions are noticed
  • Responsible for maintaining and managing dialysis machines and keeping them ready to use at any time
  • Recorded the response of the patients during dialysis and compared them with the previous dialysis treatment

Professional Experience:

Position: Dialysis Patient Care Technician
Place of Work: Mervin Hospital for Dialysis
Period: January, 2002 to September, 2007

  • Provided complete dialysis on all the designated patients
  • Had reported the unusual results to the registered nurse immediately for further action
  • Had transported the patients to the dialysis room and positioned the patients on the lounge chair at the hemodialysis machine
  • Before the commencement of the treatment, inspected the dialysis machines to ensure proper functioning
  • Performed post dialysis care of the patients and provided the appropriate treatments, as instructed by the physicians
  • Monitored the patients during the hemodialysis treatment which include recording of vital signs, machine performances and checks and other concerned matters

Educational Qualifications:

I have an Associate Degree in Nursing, University of California, California.


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