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Copier Technician Resume

A resume should address the requirement of the employer. The best way is to have a detailed review of the job advertisement. This short resume defines the unique way of preparing a complete resume. It will serve as a primary tool getting the job interview. In writing a resume, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall structure and content of the resume. This resume is a different guideline to develop a professional resume. This copier technician resume will make your job of writing a resume simple and easy. You can select this resume as a standard guideline in the making a perfect resume.

A copier technician is a technician who maintains and repairs the photocopier machines. The main job target is to identify the malfunctioning part of the equipment and perform repairing activities to ensure smooth operations of the photocopier machines.

The duties of a copier technician include understanding the issues in running the machine, identifying malfunctioning parts, repairing and replacing machine parts, diagnosing machine parts, implementing corrective action plans to solve the issues, running the copier machines after repairing, maintaining repairing tools and equipment, ensuring that the copier machines run smoothly at all times, estimating repairing cost, procurement of machine parts, providing operational and maintenance guidelines to customers to avoid machine problems in future, updating and maintaining repairing details, and providing training to the junior level technicians.

A job as a copy technician can be obtained with a degree in electronics. It is necessary to have good knowledge of the machine parts, equipment, and operating procedures. Excellent troubleshooting, problem solving, and communication skills are some of the essential skill sets of a copier technician.

Sample Copier Technician Resume

Sammy Hallin
Northern Blvd, New Westbury RD, New York
Cell: 019-429-1199


Hands on experience in repairing, operating, and performing preventive maintenance of photocopiers. Looking for a responsible position as a copier technician in a fast-paced environment

Core Competencies:

  • In-depth knowledge of digital copier equipment, repairing, and operating procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of reassembling and testing equipment parts
  • Comprehensive knowledge of making necessary adjustment and replacing photocopiers
  • Possess excellent knowledge of preventive maintenance techniques and cleaning procedures
  • Skilled in communicating effectively with excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work proficiently with less supervision with excellent time management and customer service skills

Work Experience:

Organization: Zeus Manufacturing, New York
Duration: October 2011 till date
Designation: Copier Technician

  • Handle the tasks of identifying the malfunctioning part of the copier equipment and perform repairing/replacing parts
  • Perform the responsibilities of testing and running copier to ensure proper functionality of the machine
  • Assigned the tasks of reviewing equipment parts and approving the supplied equipment from the manufacturer
  • Responsible for maintaining the copier machine in good condition by performing regular maintenance
  • Handle responsibilities of fixing the malfunctioning part of the copier by following technical guidelines provided in the manual
  • Assigned the responsibilities of reassembling machine parts and maintaining machine parts detail

Organization: TM Business, New York
Duration: January 2009 to September 2011
Designation: Junior Copier Technician

  • Assigned the responsibilities of providing technical support to customers in repairing copier machines
  • Performed the tasks of managing printer inventory and service level agreement with clients
  • Handled the responsibilities of buying hardware components of the machine to meet the requirement of customers
  • Responsible for adjusting photo copiers by performing preventive maintenance on a regular basis
  • Assigned the responsibilities of providing sales support by coordinating the marketing activities of the business unit
  • Handled the tasks of determining machine equipment malfunctioning part and cleaning the machine

Educational Qualification:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Electronics
New York University in the year 2009


Will be pleased to provide upon request

Deciding the style and content is a major part of building a resume. The above resume sample provides strategic direction of preparing a simple and winning resume. This resume will really make a great difference in your job application process. It characterizes the unique format and information suitable for the opening. This resume will improve the skills of writing a complete resume. This resume example will prove to be a supporting document in framing a resume that gains the interest of the employer. You can start writing your resume by studying the complete resume like the style, content, and techniques of presenting the information.

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