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Computer Hardware Technician Resume

Job Description:

A computer hardware technician is an IT specialist who maintains computer systems and troubleshoots the problems and defects in the systems that are installed in major establishments and business centers. He or she has to deal with PC related issues and fixes and repair computers and printers and other hardware. If an independent technician, he or she has to attend the calls from customers regarding repair and services of personal computers and other related services in homes and small and medium establishments.

A computer hardware technician has to troubleshoot on computer communication systems to identify internet operation source. He or she has to maintain the systems and ensure that the related components are working properly in alliance with the systems. If working in an organization, he/she has to develop and manage intranet site of the organization. He or she has to identify the current configuration requirement and plan necessary specifications to facilitate further hardware acquisitions.

A computer hardware technician has to design technical packages for site installation and engineering plans in connection with the installation of the hardware. He or she has to provide technical support and give necessary training to internal clients regarding the operation of various systems and printers. The technician has to provide all types of technical services to the regional offices and branches of the organization.

Edith J
3190, Kelly Street
Phone: 704-862-5122

Job Objective:

I am desirous of getting a position of a computer hardware technician in a reputed firm to showcase my skills and gain much more experience in the field.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Possess extensive knowledge in construction techniques, hardware and software of computer systems
  • Have great experience and usage of techniques in mechanical and electrical drawings as well as map drawings
  • Have ability to the uses of AM/FM/GIS technologies and possess skills to interpret field notes and diagrams and performing complicated calculations
  • Have the ability to develop good working relationships with the colleagues, customers, vendors, supervisors and contractors and ensure a positive working environment
  • Possess excellent capacity to prioritize the allotted works in order of importance and to perform multi tasks within the deadlines
  • Highly experienced in local area network and wide area network and possess good working knowledge of transmission line theory, termination design and line design
  • Highly talented in repairing all types of hardware as well as installation procedures for different hardwares

Professional Experience:

Present-Computer hardware technician
Organization: Good Will Technologies, Marshall, MI
Period: From June, 2005 to till date

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • In charge of installing new computers in many offices and in small and big establishments
  • Responsible to ensure that all computers installed are linked to local area network
  • Responsible to resolve all types of technical and other problems related to local area network, intranet and internet
  • Assist the senior hardware technician in setting up the network and installation of hardware and software
  • Especially in charge of resolving the issues connected with software corruption and setting the problems right, assuring minimum data loss
  • Apart from technical duties, have attended the administrative matters of the organization as and when required

Professional Experience:

Post held: Hardware technician
Organization: Jupiter Technical Solutions, Westborough. MA
Period: January, 2000 to March, 2005

Responsibilities Held:

  • Had provided on-site support in respect of installation, maintenance and repairs of desktops, laptops, printers and other computer peripherals
  • Trained the customers on the operation and maintenance of their computer systems
  • Ensured customer satisfaction and attended to the maintenance work as per the annual maintenance contract agreements
  • Before the product is released en mass to the market, the pilot users were consulted for any faults and corrected the faults reported, if any
  • Tests were conducted again to rectify undetected faults just before the products were shifted for dispatch by all means including shipping


I am a Microsoft Certified Professional.
I have a Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from a University in Chicago.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from a University in Boston.


Ready to produce on request

Impressing the employers into granting you an interview is the main criteria of submitting a computer hardware technician resume along with the job application, if you are interested to enter into that field. The importance of a computer hardware technician resume is that it should have some of the outstanding characteristics; you possess, to be noted from numerous resumes piled on the table of the hiring managers.

The details of computer hardware technician resume are that the contents should be designed to target specific needs and the resume has to be tailored to suit the job requirements advertised by the employer. The details include your skills, job experience and qualifications and other special achievements.

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