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Compounding Pharmacy Technician Resume

Job Description:

Most of the pharmacists fill prescriptions with standardized medications; the compounding pharmacists tailor specific medication under the instructions of a physician or a doctor. He or she has to advise the patients with specific dietary requirements that are allergic to them and help them in including or avoiding certain ingredients. As the compounding pharmacists have to move closely with the patients, they have to be well versed with the best customer care services and have the ability to work in a fast passed environment.

A compounding pharmacist has to prepare medicines and tonics by mixing various ingredients such as pills, solutions, complex medical gels and supplements. He/she has to prepare special doses according to the needs of the individual patients and add flavors to make it easier for the patients to consume. It is also his/her responsibility to maintain cleanliness in the pharmacy and the laboratory.

Francis D
2301, Strafford Park
Phone: 606-576-9922

Career Objective:

I am aiming to obtain a compounding pharmacy technician position to use my skill for the self growth and for the growth of the company.

Highlights of Skills:

  • Possess deep knowledge of all compounding characteristics, principles and procedures
  • Thorough with medical terminology and can work out pharmacy calculations in the most accurate manner
  • Have wide knowledge of different medicines and their compounds and the ability to prepare the medicines as per the correct dosages
  • Possess excellent skills to read the prescriptions of the doctors and in preparing the medicinal doses
  • Can easily converse with the patients and their families with the possession of excellent communication skills in both oral and written form
  • Thorough with the working of pharmacy related software and with computer applications and computer languages, especially, with Microsoft packages.
  • Maintains proper hygiene in pharmacy at all times and particularly when the medicines are mixed and prepared for the patients

Professional Experience:

Present-compound pharmacy technician-Good Luck Pharmacy, Dublin, OH
From January, 2007 to till date
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Have compounded medicines into proper dosages as prescribed by the physicians
  • Have prepared and blended sterile admixtures such as parenteral nutrition and labelled and stored them safely with the detailed compounding documentation written on them
  • Responsible for creating batch for sterile admixtures preparations and ensured its ingredients and accomplishments
  • Responsible for checking the chemical orders after unpacking the packages and checked the verification and validation dates
  • In charge of maintaining the required temperature of the room that contains chemicals
  • Have instructed the patients about the dosage of medicines they have to consume and satisfied them by properly answering their queries
  • In charge of training the new compounding pharmacy technicians and guided them in preparing and mixing medicines with the right ratio of ingredients.

Professional Experience:

Compounding pharmacy technician
Get well Pharmacy, Nisswa, MN
From March, 2001 to December, 2006

Responsibilities Held:

  • Was in charge of the stocks of the medicines and supplies and ordered for the new supply of medicines and others as and when required and ensured satisfactory stock position
  • Had maintained the database on a regular basis and updated the same daily
  • Enquired the patients and identified their needs and directed them to the correct destinations to see the relevant doctors, etc.
  • After enquiring the patients, I had immediately entered the particulars in the computer systems and created a database
  • Had also looked after the cash and credit transactions
  • Had assisted the pharmacists regarding filling up of the prescriptions

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from a University in Chicago.
I am having, to my credit, a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from a University in Virginia.
I have completed one year diploma course in Pharmacy Science from an Institute in Boston, MA.


Available on request

You have to prepare a compounding pharmacy technician position, listing out the pertinent points related to your qualifications, skills, and experiences and send the same to the employer, if you are trying to obtain a job of that nature. The importance of compounding pharmacy technician resume is that it must make the prospective employer comfortable and develop interest in you to invite you for the interview. You must remember that you have your own value and do not try to undersell you at any circumstance.

You need not have a long resume to get a job, but ensure that it contains right and true information. You might have made heavy impact to the organizations you worked for, by utilizing your skills and exerting hard work. These positive things are to be included while giving the details of compounding pharmacy technician resume. The resume screeners are unlikely to read your resume in full and therefore try to impress them in the first few paragraphs.

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