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Clinical Technician Resume

Resumes should be written in the most well organized manner. One should ensure that the information provided in a resume is relevant to the profession the candidate is applying for, makes sense tonally, the language used is appropriate enough, and the references, facts and figures mentioned are accurate. Please make sure that the data you provide on your resume is easily vouched for and you have the ability to frame sentences, highlighting the significance and impact of the information you are providing on your curriculum vitae, as the British call it. Alright then, without much further ado, let us get down to the profession we will be checking resume writing tips for- Clinical Technician.

A clinical technician or a clinical laboratory technician resume should be written keeping in mind the experience and the work nature of previous jobs, as well as the academic knowledge gained for this field of work. Here on this page, we will look at the work specifics of a clinical technician job and then check the template of a provided clinical technician sample resume, for novices applying for the job for the first time or for those seeking to change their jobs and update their resumes for the very reason. First, the job specifics of a clinical technician or a clinical laboratory technician profession -

Work Nature of a Clinical Technician Job

The Basic Function of a Clinical Technician

A clinical technician works in clinics, laboratories, hospitals, and outpatient care facilities, run by public or private organizations. The main job of a clinical technician includes -

  • To collect samples and specimens
  • Label and specify them in a neat, orderly manner
  • Sterilize surgical and laboratory instruments
  • Preparing reference and sample slides
  • Run tests on patients and/ or lab specimens

The Basic Requirements of a Clinical Technician

  • They should have the ability to identify and classify the symptoms and ailments as observed in patients or lab specimens.
  • They should be able to identify the correct treatment for these ailments and diseases and administer them in a proper manner to the patients and/ or lab specimens.
  • They should have the patience and the dedication to observe and monitor the patients and the lab specimens for any changes in condition, recognize any sudden fluctuations, for better or worse, and identify the cause for such abrupt changes.
  • They should immediately report their findings to a senior doctor or scientist, whom so ever concerned.
  • They should display caution while handling hazardous lab samples, which range from lethal to precious procurements which cannot be depleted at any cost.
  • They should have the ability to work in a team.

Educational Requirements for a Clinical Technician

A clinical technician position at the lowest level may be attained only with the help of a high school degree and some on hand experience of a couple of years or so. A slightly more paying position requires one to have achieved a college degree in medical technology. Some states dictate that all operating clinical technicians be licensed, the license which requires applicants to pass an examination for. There are also colleges and universities which provide a four year bachelor's course in Clinical Technology, a course which covers subjects like microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, as well as practical training.

The Basic Salary for a Clinical Technician

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2009, ascertained that the average income earned by a clinical technician was around $37,860, which meant a monthly income of around $3,155. The beginners earned an annual income of around $23,850, while the top level technicians made about a more than respectable $55,210 per year.

And that was all the information you need on the work profile of a clinical technician. Now that has been taken care of, let us have a look at a sample resume for a clinical technician. Please note that this sample resume is for reference purposes only. Word for word plagiarism of the provided content below will call for rigid legal action.

Clinical Technician Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Paul A. Evans
Address: 1393 Brownton Road, Greenville, MS 38701
Contact Information-
Telephone Number: 662 - 335 - 3970
Email ID:


To hone my skills as a clinical technician under a reputed hospital or laboratory, utilizing all of the academic knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Which Are Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Expertise at identifying symptoms of ailments, illnesses, change in conditions of patients and laboratory specimens
  • Adept at giving out first aid and simple, non lethal medication to ailing patients and lab experiment animals
  • Two years experience in the field of clinical research
  • Fluent in the usage of medical nomenclature
  • Comfortable in the use of simple to complex medical technology
  • Efficient in the preparation of blood slides and the collection of various samples from the patient as well as the lab specimen
  • Have an excellent ability to identify microorganisms on collected sample slides under the microscope

Previous Work Experience

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Gotham City General Hospital, Gotham City, New Jersey

I worked as a clinical lab tech at Gotham City General, from October 2006 to July 2008.

My work required me to collect blood and stool samples of patients admitted to the hospital, as directed by the senior authority. I had to prepare fresh slides of the samples and observe them under the lab microscope for any symptomatic discoveries or findings. The entire process had to be repeated after the patient had been medicated heavily.

I was required to report my observations to my senior doctors. I was also in charge of maintaining the condition of the clinical lab equipment.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology from Rutgers University, Class of 2006

Contact for further references

So with that, we conclude our section on clinical technician resume. Please ensure that you stress upon your skills and previous professional experience in the field in great detail on your resume. This is one of those professions may academic knowledge sure is invaluable, but preference is given to experienced hands. Wishing you a successful job hunt.

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