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Civil Engineering Technician Resume

A civil engineering technician is a specialist, trained at providing technical services in connection with engineering work. With the regular practice of certain engineering principles and theories, he gets accustomed to technical work, and develops excellence into the matters. Thus, he can effectively offer technical support and assistance in creating drawings, plans, and structures to accomplish the given engineering work, successfully. A civil engineering technician resume needs to cover a variety of operative skills, which assists you in completing your daily routine tasks, as a technician. Hence, it should be an effective coordination of your qualifications and engineering skills. You can go through the given activities which form a part of his daily work schedule, and gets acquainted with the work.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Providing technical support in connection with planning, designing, and developing engineering structures and construction projects
  • Assisting civil engineers in development of new construction projects, by ensuring good coordination, planning, and relevant inspection functions
  • Analyzing the client's demands and requirements to carry out necessary research and development functions, to solve technical issues with engineering applications
  • Carrying out mathematical calculations to create the required prototypes and engineering construction models
  • Deciding various steps or stages according to the construction project requirement, and collaborating them with the site surveyors and contractors

Thus, a civil engineer technician is accountable for a variety of jobs, right from surveying the location, determining materials requirement, to monitoring the development of construction projects. Hence, you should be proficient at providing such professional technician services, and your resume needs to showcase such excellence in a better way.

John R. Vickers
1805 Confederate Drive
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315-635-5432
Email Address:


With an extensive experience at providing technician services in civil engineering constructions, I wish to apply in an organization, where I can utilize such widely gained knowledge, and offer highly professional services to achieve the organizational objective.


  • Proficient at offering professional civil engineering technician services
  • Assisted a construction contractor for 2 years with site supervision
  • Assisted a mechanical engineer in carrying out research for the development of technical engineering applications
  • Excellent at planning and organization of construction prototypes and projects
  • Efficient management of resources to the optimum level


  • Efficient management and administration abilities
  • Critical thinking and problem solving aptitude
  • Outstanding designing and planning skills
  • Familiar with advanced engineering tools and techniques used for excellent engineering drawings

Technical Skills:

  • Excellent Auto CAD (Automatic Computer Aided Designing) operations management
  • Well acquainted with drafting functions
  • Proficient at handling Microsoft Office functions
  • Familiar with database management (DBMS) work

Professional Experience:

Assistant Civil Engineering Technician, ARY Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. Norcross, GA
2010-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Carrying out mathematical and analytical functions to develop necessary engineering applications
  • Supporting the management with the required technical assistance to solve technical matters associated with the given projects
  • Assessing the project requirements, and determining the materials requirement to carry out construction work, and to estimate project costs and budget management
  • Inspecting the materials arrived at construction site, and ensuring its performance according to quality standards
  • Assisting civil engineers and the contractors to manage the development of the projects, by designing various stages of construction project development

Assistant Civil Engineering Technician TTU Construction Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mountain View WY
Role and Responsibilities

  • Providing client based services, and creating highly customized project designs serving the client's requirements
  • Fixing, installation, and maintenance of electronic equipment to carry out project construction, and solving troubleshooting operations, effectively
  • Applying disciplinary knowledge to the engineering practices to offer the best solution with mathematical and technical excellence
  • Carrying out research and development functions to ascertain the best quality performance, and offer the clients with necessary satisfaction
  • Ensuring appropriate engineering structures to manage good project development functions, and handling utility systems to offer
  • Ensuring effective time management, and providing time based services


  • Bachelor's degree in 'Engineering Technology' from California Institute of Management in 1998
  • Completed a diploma course in 'Organization and Resource Management'
  • Attended an advanced training program on 'The Rising Trends and Technical Advancements in Civil Engineering'


  • Received 'The Best Innovator of the year 2010' award for carrying out research and planning functions for the development of unique construction project
  • Rewarded with 'The Best Technician of the year 2009' for providing highly effective and efficient technical services


  • Affiliated to a social association of civil engineers, where all civil engineering candidates come under one roof to solve their technical issues, with the required research
  • Affiliated to a social health club working for creating health awareness and providing the citizens with good health care management services

Mobility and Flexibility:

Capable of handling individual responsibilities with the required adaptability and flexibility of operations. Ready to offer my best performance with flexible shifts, and a quick learner to get acquainted with changing environmental requirements.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

John R. Vickers

Thus, a civil engineering technician is known for his technical excellence at providing efficient support functions to make the engineer's job easy and effective. Hence, while writing a civil engineering technician resume, emphasize your technical practice and familiarity with technician services such as inspecting, supervising, and monitoring the development of engineering issues. So, think about relevant aspects of the work, and thereby highlight relevant skills and accomplishments in the research and development functions.

Therefore, be systematic and scientific in focusing on your talent at handling technician services, and providing troubleshooting support in the development of the construction projects. So, your resume needs to speak for your technical excellence, and proficient management; it should be your professional attempt to link your prior working experience with the employer's expectations. It definitely increases your possibilities for the given offer, by making it easy for the recruiter, to relate your profile with the positional requirements.

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