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Cardiovascular Technician Resume

Cardiovascular technician resume samples are quick and effective source to get relevant information required to draft a professional and personalized resume for cardiovascular technician job application. Enthusiasts, who wish to work as cardiovascular technician, should include their core competencies in the resume, and present the same before the employers in a professional and inciting manner, to incite them to consider the candidature further. The sample cardiovascular technician resume shared below can be of great help for applicants, if they are able to optimally retrieve and utilize the desired information.

Drafting an inciting cardiovascular technician resume requires two things, visual appeal and relevancy. Visual appeal is required for grabbing employers' attention, as they receive many applications for a single job opening, and thus have loads of resumes to screen, which can be a painstaking and time consuming task. Thus, lengthy and illegible resumes may get ignored, thereby ruining all the hard work endowed in drafting the resume. Another aspect is relevancy. Once you have succeeded in grabbing employers' attention on to your resume, only the information shared can convince them to review it thoroughly for further consideration. However, considering the same discouraging factors as discussed before, one must ensure that core skills are highlighted adequately so that employers view them first, rather than to search for the same in the resume. This can be achieved by following a uniform pattern, and giving a brief career summary at the beginning of the resume. another way is to present the skill-sets as bulleted list. However, for inexperienced candidates, career summary would not be required, and so they have to adhere to other ways such as bold text or underlining the key skills, etc.

There are many other factors which contribute towards the efficiency of the resume in winning you the interview call. The ultimate aim of the resume is to cast a professional and favorable impression on the employers. For illustration and better comprehension, candidates can refer to the cardiovascular technician resume sample shared below.

Sample Cardiovascular Technician Resume
(For a candidate with experience)

Rose R. German
3160 Duffy Street
Indiana - 46341
Tel: (219) 810 1228

Career Objective:

Looking for a challenging opportunity to work as a Cardiovascular Technician with a reputed health-care organization, to achieve professional growth and development, and contribute towards accomplishment of organization growth by optimal use of skill-sets and knowledge.

Career Synopsis:

An adept health-care professional with 7 years of experience working as Cardiovascular Technician with reputed hospitals, my skill-sets have been helpful in assisting physicians provide effective diagnosis of cardiac ailments, and help patients recover to healthy lifestyle.

Professional Experience:

Cardiovascular Technician
Deaconess Heart Hospital, Shadeland Ave., Ste. G1, Indianapolis, IN
(2009 - till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist cardiovascular physician in diagnosing patients
  • Maintain record of patients with regular and pertinent cardiac problems
  • Assist in operating various cardiac machines and other equipment used in the treatment process, such as ECG machine, CT scan, catheter, etc.
  • Assist cardiac surgeons in performing cardiac surgical processes, such as angioplasty, catheterization, cardiac invasive surgeries, etc.
  • Responsible for collecting various samples for preliminary diagnosis of patients
  • Counsel patients
  • Record vital parameters of patients recommended for treatment process
  • Check all implants (pacemaker) to be used during the surgery and other treatment processes
  • Responsible for maintenance and serviceability of various equipment used in the treatment rooms
  • Collect all relevant reports and data from other departments for patients who are advised for surgical treatment processes
  • Coordinate with other departments such as radiology, pathology, etc. for smooth and successful completion of treatment

Assistant Cardiovascular Technician
Indiana Cardiac Care Hospital, Gateway Blvd., Newburgh, IN
(2005 - 2009)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist cardiovascular physician in diagnosing patients
  • Ensure all equipment are well maintained and in a serviceable conditions
  • Inspect all equipment before every treatment procedure
  • Attend to patients visiting the hospital with the basic information
  • Record Blood Pressure, sugar, coagulation time, and other vitals of patients undergoing surgical treatment
  • Monitor the vital parameters of patients admitted to cardiac care ward on regular basis
  • Ensure that the prescribed medication is given to patients
  • Counsel patients admitted to ward
  • Collect all preliminary reports for patients advised to undergo surgical treatment processes
  • Collect samples for analysis
  • Maintain a record of all patients family history and treatment history

Professional Skills:

  • In depth knowledge of cardiovascular treatment processes and supportive requirements
  • Adept at primary diagnosis and basic nursing functions
  • Ability to administer first aid
  • Functional knowledge of various cardiac equipment
  • Counseling and communication skills
  • Operational knowledge of MS office

Academic Qualifications:

Post Graduate Cardiovascular Technician Diploma
National Medical College, Castleway West Dr., Indianapolis, IN
(2003 - 2005)

B. Sc in Health Sciences
MedTech College, Allison Pointe Blvd., Indianapolis, IN
(2000 - 2003)


Would be pleased to provide references on prior request.


I confirm that all details given above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Name: Rose R. German
Signature: ####Date: April 12, 2012Place: Hebron, IN

We hope applicants would find the above shared cardiovascular technician resume example informative and helpful with some related cover letters provided here.

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