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Building Maintenance Technician Resume

A building maintenance technician resume should be crafted efficiently, so as to portray your expertise in handling installation, repair, and maintenance related tasks to facilitate smooth functioning of a given facility or an organization. Where the role of a maintenance technician is crucial to the company, recruiters tend to engage themselves in the quest of extensive technical skills, while checking the candidates' applications for pointers that trace address the company's needs. Where following a standard format will do less to enhance the appeal of your profile, you need to take efforts in customizing your resume effectively, so that it takes form of a professional portfolio, showcasing all the job roles that you've undertaken so far, and the best of qualities and knowledge that you possess.

The most important strategy that experienced jobseekers tend to implement is to cut down on the general or less relevant content, which the recruiters tend to come across in most of the applications they receive. Eliminating commonplace details from your resume makes it look as if the application is properly catered for the particular job, which in turn shows the amount of interest you have, and your willingness to become a part of their vision.

If you refer to the sample of the maintenance technician resume given below, you'll see that the career objective has been framed carefully, considering the employer's needs, which in case you don't know, can be learned by contacting the company and discussing their needs with one of the recruiters. This will help you know exactly what you need to present in your resume. Accordingly, frame a multi-detailed sentence, which would cater to capture the reader's interest and engage him in your application. Besides bridging the gap between your goals and that of the employer's you need to provide basic information that will transform the objective to a headline or a tagline for your resume.

Another great way to personalize your application is by including a profile summary, a short section comprising of about six to eight points, which summarizes your previous job descriptions, reducing them to a quick, easy-to-absorb section. While doing so, you may face problems in fitting all the information you have within eight bullet points. Here, you need to take extra efforts to omit the unwanted phrases, and try clubbing together different points, so that each sentence will reflect a significant amount of information, which will in fact facilitate a satisfactory reading experience for the busy recruiter, who is usually bound by a tremendous workload during the company's recruitment season.

Now, the standard resume formats insist on including your previous job descriptions in your employment history, but here, including a profile summary will cover your employment history in short. Therefore, you need to include only the basic details of your employments, following similar arrangement of contents as illustrated in the resume sample below.

While you're organizing your skills and abilities, make sure that you stay specific to the requirements of the job profile you're seeking. Including irrelevant or commonplace skill sets won't increase the value of your resume. Instead, work to keep the section concise and to the point. Also, educational details need not be detailed, for hardly any employer pays importance to academic background if you possess a considerable amount of experience.

Understand and adopt the layout of the building maintenance technician resume sample given below, and take tips in forming quality sentences that perfectly communicate the message you intend to portray. Please note that you must try to restrict the length of your resume, where all that you need to mention must be managed within a maximum of two pages. In case you are not asked to include any references, simply follow as shown in the sample.

Building Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Stanley B. Murray
3648 McDowell Street
Cookeville, TN 38501
(931) 432-5544


Building Maintenance Technician, expert in using and troubleshooting building related issues and operational faults pertaining to light machinery, electrical appliances, janitorial equipment, and other stationary, seeks an opportunity to dedicate the best of skills and knowledge to your vision, ensuring optimal support to facilitate consistency and uniformity in daily front-end operations.

Executive Summary:

  • Deeply involved in activities concerning the maintenance of building and its grounds like, installing window panes, replacing old locks to ensure security, oiling or lubrication tasks, preparing equipment and stationary for use as required etc
  • Carried out minor plumbing and electrical repairs, carpentry, interior painting, assembling of furnitures etc
  • Carried out gardening related tasks such as, fertilizing and seeding or reseeding lawn grounds, pruning branches and shrubs, ice and snow removal and disposal etc
  • Compiled and maintained documentation showing logs of work completed, pending work orders, and any associated duties performed
  • Scheduled, prioritized, and carried out preventive maintenance tasks
  • Monitored the efficiency and progress of contracts outsourced to technical support service agencies
  • Coordinated monthly audit carried out to ensure effective maintenance of building and proper functioning of its components like HVAC roof motors and fans etc
  • Involved in regular cleaning, greasing, and painting of heating and ventilation equipment

Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficient in welding, plumbing, and gardening ensuring cost efficiency in operations
  • Available for On-Call Site Coverage between 7am and 8pm
  • Confident and self-motivated, driven by perfection, excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Familiar with Fair Housing and HUD Facility Regulations
  • Highly attentive to minute details, ensuring the elimination of root causes in case of machinery faults or equipment dysfunction
  • Excellent organizational and bookkeeping skills, updated with the knowledge of recent, most efficient practices of inventory control

Work Experience:

2009 - 2012
Key West Inn - Cookeville, TN
Building Maintenance Technician

2007 - 2009
Suburban Propane - Monterey, TN
Technical Assistant - Administration


Graduate Certificate in Engineering Maintenance Management, 2006
Tennessee Tech University
Placed in grade B+


Available on request

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