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Broadband Technician Resume

Job Description:

The responsibility of a broadband technician is to install, maintain and repair all types of telecommunication systems like telephone services, cable television services and internet broadband connections. These technicians are doing their services to homes, offices and business houses. The technician has to perform on-site installation and repairs and to travel to client's houses or commercial establishments.

Some of the broadband technicians may work at the central locations, who should be technically strong and experts in the field than those who work in sites. These technicians working at central office have to direct and route the broadband service connections to the destinations and have to clear troubleshooting problems.

The broadband technicians have to do customer service and educate them. They have to keep the record of all details about connections provided and other related matters. Customer's satisfaction is the main service of broadband technicians and they have to attend to the complaints of the customers when called for.

George J
1093, Flinderation Road
Hickory Hills
Phone: 707-334-4924

Career Objective:

I am looking forward to get a position of a broadband technician in a well established organisation, to prove my skills for the benefit of the customers and the organisation.

Skills Possessed:

  • I have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the installation of broadband and the respective procedures and processes.
  • I shall not stop with installation and am capable of maintaining the connections and attend to the repairs, if any.
  • I have the ability to serve the customers to their fullest satisfaction.
  • I am capable of performing demonstration and giving training to the prospective and current customers.
  • I have excellent communication and management skills.
  • I can work for long hours, if the situation demanded.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a broadband technician in Progress Internet Services in Nevada from January, 2007 to till today and I have done the following services so far.

  • I am the leader of a team of technicians and performed the installation of broadband connections at the customer's end.
  • On demand from customers, I have immediately attended the complaints and set right the things including repair of wires and replacement.
  • I am in charge of providing periodical maintenance to the corporate customers.
  • I perform it as a duty to answer the queries of the customers regarding broadband services and clear their doubts instantly.
  • I have also installed cables, digital phones and systems and the like.
  • As instructed by the management, I have disconnected some connections, given new connections and re-connected the broadband connections disconnected earlier after settlement.

Earlier, I had worked as an associate broadband technician in Quality Broadband Services in Nevada from the year 2003 to 2006 and I had performed the following duties, during my service.

  • I had transported the broadband wires safely to the work spot.
  • I had done the necessary arrangements at the site prior to the installation of broadband connections.
  • On all occasions, I had helped my seniors in installing broadband connections.
  • I had assisted my seniors in handing over the right tools at the right time and other utilities in the process of installation.
  • I had trained the services regarding the performances and about the services available.
  • I had documented paper work regarding the installation.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Science with special reference to Telecommunications from a University in California.


Mr. Paulraj
Senior Broadband technician
Progress Internet Services

When you are applying for a broadband technician position, as the employers expect from the aspirants, you have to craft a broadband technician resume and enclose the same along with the application. The significance of broadband technician resume is that it should enable the person, responsible for screening the pile of resumes before him/her, to take a quick decision that you are the potential candidate with salient features required by the employer.

At the same time, the details of broadband resume should contain the skills and experience that will develop interest in the minds of the interviewer. In order to create such interests, the resume must be easy to read. It is very important that you are conscious about the skills and experience as required by the position for which you are applying and weave your own experiences to be included in your narrative.

Even though employers do not like long resumes, you should not feel constrained to limit your skills and experience to one or two pages. Instead, if you have some more talents and achievements that are closely related to the job to which you are trying for, do not hesitate to mention these in your resume. In this regard do not mind using more pages.

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