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Biomedical Equipment Technician Resume

Job Description:

A biomedical equipment technician has the responsibility to install, repair, calibrate and maintain medical equipment that is used in health care centres, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. These technicians also install medical and related technical equipment in medical centres and research facilities for the benefit of physicians, nurses, scientists and research scholars who are involved in treating the patients, diagnosing diseases and monitoring health problems of individuals.

A biomedical equipment technician has to maintain and provide services to the equipments such as patient monitors, X-ray machines, electrocardiographs, ECG machines, electrosurgical units, blood pressure transducers, patient care computers and the like. They should be experts in handling tools like hand tools, power tools, troubleshooting techniques and have thorough knowledge of manuals of all biomedical machines.

The technician has to discuss with medical staff at regular intervals of time and ensure that the machines are functioning properly and ascertain the necessity to repair them, if felt necessary. A biomedical equipment technician has to ensure the safety of staff and patients from the electrical and mechanical hazards by conducting periodical safety tests. The technician may help others learn the operations of the medical equipment by demonstration and explanation, as they can operate them in view of exigency.

Billy D
3314, Michigan Avenue
Port Land
Phone: 724-645-5548

Job Objective:

I would to like to get a position of a biomedical equipment technician in a renowned multi speciality hospital.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have the ability to install any variety of biomedical equipment.
  • I have vast experience in using the biomedical machines such as dialysis machines, medical image machines, heart lungs machines and the like.
  • I am aware of computer applications and an expert in using MS office package and Microsoft Word Processing.
  • As I am thorough with the manual of instructions, I can get any machine repaired.
  • I have deep knowledge about biomedical terms and technology.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a biomedical equipment technician in a children's hospital in Nevada from January, 2005 to till date and my assigned tasks are as follows.

  • I have the responsibility to approve new biomedical equipment after conducting relevant tests for admissibility.
  • After setting up the new biomedical equipment, I am responsible for testing and calibrating its performance.
  • I am in charge of maintaining the biomedical equipment inventory and check the stock position periodically.
  • I have placed orders for new machines and verified the entries in the stock register and receipts.
  • I have maintained the biomedical equipment and repaired the same as and when needed and ensured proper functioning of the machines.

Earlier, I had worked as a biomedical equipment technician in a hospital in Portland from the year 2002 to 2004 and my responsibilities were as given below.

  • I used to consult the medical team consisting of doctors and technicians for proper functioning of the equipments.
  • On the advice from medical and engineering personnel, I had modified and developed some devices for proper use.
  • I used to test the medical equipments periodically and on request and maintained safety measures from any type of hazard so that the patients and staff are not affected.
  • I maintained confidentiality about the patients' diseases and won their confidence.
  • I had given perfect training to my juniors regarding how to operate the biomedical equipments to ensure regular flow of work even during my absence.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Biotechnology from a University in California.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science from the same University in California.


I shall produce the details of references at the time of interview or when demanded.

A resume is nothing but the summary of your skills, education and work experience and your resume demonstrates how you match the job requirements advertised for by the company. If you are looking for a biomedical equipment technician post, you have to prepare a biomedical equipment technician resume, in which your technical skills will be made known to your prospective employer.

The importance of biomedical equipment technician resume is that it should give you the opportunity to sell and advertise you to the potential employer and the description of the resume should make you an outstanding personality. The resume should not be an exhaustive list of your achievements, but it should be restricted to maximum of two pages or otherwise your resume will see the dust bin.

While explaining the details of biomedical equipment technician resume, the contents of it should speak your skills and previous experience that are related to the job you are applying for. Ensure that it does not contain any irrelevant information. To a certain extent, you can describe your personal traits, strengths, abilities, etc. but do not give over dosage of all such characteristics.

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