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Bench Technician Resume

Descriptive Title: How to Draft a Bench Technician Resume?

Description: A bench technician is a technically qualified person in any organization and he or she has to attend to the repair works, maintenance and fabrication of all electronic components in the workshop. As a bench technician requires high technical skills, one should not fail to include these skills in his/her resume in an attempt to fit in such jobs.

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Job Description:

As the technology changes and improves every day, the related new technical products are also flooding the market, especially in communication field. These complicated products are subject to complicated problems and the responsibility of a bench technician is that he or she has to be thorough with all mechanisms and technologies and develop the knowledge to repair and maintain the equipment.

A bench technician repairs or assemble electronic equipment and he or she can work in telecommunication companies or can practice on contract basis. The bench technicians have to look for common problems like manufacturing defects or loose connections often referring to schematics or malfunctions. As there is a great development in technology, they have to learn and upgrade about the latest improvements and understand the products and their technologies.

David M
4248, Deer cove Drive
Phone: 215-207-9204

Job Objective:

My aim is to obtain a position of a bench technician in a reputed organization to use my skills and experience and help the organization achieve its goals.

Skills Possessed:

  • I am an expert in component testing and possess deep knowledge of electronic circuits and other related issues.
  • I am capable of identifying defects by using many detective devices such as voltmeters, etc.
  • I have the capacity to install new devices and ensure their proper functioning.
  • I have excellent skills in aligning and setting the devices so that they perform to the maximum ability.
  • I can understand the manual of all kinds of electronic devices and handle them to the best of my knowledge.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a bench technician in Universal Electronics Organisation located in Scottsdale, AZ from June, 2005 to till date and my roles and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I have performed quality checks in respect of all the electronic circuits.
  • I am in charge of repairing the electronic as well as digital circuit boards.
  • I keep perfect records of works in connection with the received and repaired circuits and is responsible for forwarding the same to the concerned departments.
  • I have the responsibility in ordering new raw materials that are required by the workshop and keep a record of inventory.
  • I am responsible for setting new equipment and maintenance.
  • I am in charge of identifying the defects in the machines and repairing them for proper functioning.

I had also worked as a bench technician in an organization in Atlanta from the year 2001 to March, 2005 and was given the following assignments.

  • I was in charge of safety of the electronic machines and cooperated with electronics engineer in this regard.
  • As per the instruction of my seniors, I used to solder the digital circuits on board.
  • I was the leader of a team of 5 associate bench technicians and helped them in repairing the electronic circuits and trained them in all respects.
  • If found necessary and went beyond repairs, I changed the old circuit by a new one.
  • I had worked with the engineers in identifying modifications to the existing designs of the machineries and suggested ideas in this regard.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from a College of Technology in Boston.
I have a professional certificate in Digital Circuits from a technical institute in Boston.


Mr. James Smith
Workshop Manager
Universal Electronics Organization

After completing education, one has to settle in life by securing a decent employment that suits his/her qualifications. If you are a raw graduate, it is difficult to get a job, unless you are extremely brilliant in your academic qualifications. Even then, you will be placed on training for some period by the organisations and then only be absorbed in permanent positions.

Some employers do not want to spend on training the fresh graduates, but instead prefer experienced candidates so that they can be engaged in the work directly. Such candidates are required to prepare great resumes to be submitted to the employers to be reviewed by them. If you are applying for a technical post like bench technician, you are required to prepare a bench technician resume, in which, you can describe your skills and experience.

The importance of bench technician resume is that it should express your communication skills in both verbal and written form, as most of the employers quote this skill as one of the desirable qualities. While explaining the details of bench technician resume, you must be honest in giving your skills and experience. Suppose, the hiring managers find that you have not furnished the true information by cross checking, you will not get the interview call at all.

If you had performed any work as a team effort, you can invariably mention this point, as the employers prefer team work abilities from their employees.

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