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Aviation Maintenance Technician Resume

Job Description:

Each part of an aircraft with its different components has to perform different functions, and it is the responsibility of an aviation maintenance technician to inspect all these parts and see that they are all functioning properly. If need be, the technician has to replace the faulty parts to ensure that the aircraft flies without any interruption.

An aviation maintenance technician should communicate with the pilot to find out the faults in the aircraft parts and accessories and he/she has to use different types of tools and equipments to rectify the defects. The technician has to inspect the aircraft before and after a flight takes off and lands in the ground. He/she has the responsibility to check, maintain and troubleshoot aviation maintenance work like repair of engines, power units, rotor systems, propellers, and specific electrical parts.

An aviation maintenance technician has to ensure elimination of all types of aircraft discrepancies and comply with the standards so that the flight returns to the status quickly. He/she has to provide support to the crew and passengers regarding arrival and departure of the flights as well as baggage handling operations.

Curtis L
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Job Objective:

I am seeking employment as an aviation maintenance technician to utilize my skills and technical expertise in the aviation technology.

Skills and Achievements:

  • I am fully aware of Civil Aviation Authority's standards and policies.
  • I am experienced in maintenance and repairs of the parts of aircrafts.
  • I am proficient with aircraft technology and the functions of all parts of an aircraft.
  • I have always maintained a clean working environment.
  • I have given training to the new appointees, junior technicians and interns.
  • I am an expert in detecting the problems in the aircraft, analyzing the reasons for the defects and rectifying them quickly.
  • I am proficient in dissembling and reassembling various aircraft parts and that too in quick time.

Professional Experience:

I have been posted as an aviation maintenance technician in an aircraft corporation in Seattle and working in this capacity from January, 2004 to till date and my roles and responsibilities are as follows.

  • I never fail to inspect aircrafts before and after every flight and attend to clear the defects in the parts.
  • I never hesitate to consult expert technicians in case of major issues in respect of the parts of the aircrafts.
  • I am in charge of attending the malfunctioning of FTD parts.
  • I am keeping a safe, clean, pleasant and organized working environment.
  • I am assisting the aviation engineer in preparing the time table for work sequences and for ensuring safe and effective aviation operation.

Before taking up the position mentioned above, I had worked as an aviation maintenance technician in another aircraft company in California from the year 2001 to 2003 and my responsibilities were as follows.

  • I was in charge of maintaining the inventory of tools, parts and other materials.
  • I had helped the senior aviation technicians in cleaning and rectifying small problems with their guidance.
  • I was responsible for segregating different parts of aircrafts that are to be repaired, replaced and condemned.
  • I took initiative and made arrangements for acquiring new parts, special tools, equipments and other accessories and assign them to proper locations.
  • I had maintained good contacts with the personnel of all departments to ensure progress of work and team co-operation.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a B.S degree in Aviation Technology and Management from a College in California.
I have a diploma in Aviation Maintenance after attending the two years course in an Institute of Aviation in California.


Will be produced on demand.

In the process of job hunt, every one of us will admit that a resume has to be essentially submitted along with the application, which will increase our chances of being hired by the employers. If one applies for a technical post like aviation technician, he or she has to compulsorily prepare an aviation maintenance technician resume and send the same to be reviewed by the hiring managers.

The importance of aviation maintenance technician resume is that the major parts of the resume should consist of your profile, skills, qualifications, competencies and experiences. After writing all the personal details of aviation maintenance technician resume, do not forget to proofread the resume. It is essential to remove all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

While explaining your performances, you have to point out your useful contributions to your previous employer, and this will help the prospective employer to understand how you will be beneficial to the organization you are applying for. While giving the details of your skills and qualities, you better use hard numbers and statistics to prove your contents in your resume.

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