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Automotive Service Technician Resume

Resume is a way of providing information related with skills, job experience, and qualifications. Generally, the same information is presented in every resume sent for job opening. Some resumes get the expected result while some fail to deliver a job interview. Here comes the essence of professional and effective resume. It is necessary to prepare an effective resume to make your job application a successful attempt. This automotive service technician resume can be considered as the most desirable guideline of preparing a great resume. It communicates basic information that needs to be present in a resume. Make your resume an effective job application tool with the help of the sample.

Automotive service technician performs repairing of vehicle parts and equipment. The role of an automotive service technician is to maintain automotive parts to keep in the smooth running condition. Automotive service technicians are employed in automotive companies and in private garages.

The roles and responsibilities of an automotive service technician include repairing and maintaining vehicle parts, identifying malfunctioning and defective parts, repairing engine and fuel systems, assembling vehicle parts, vacuuming and polishing interior vehicle parts, lubricating, providing quality repairing services, troubleshooting and testing vehicle parts, testing vehicle functionality by driving on the road, updating new techniques of repairing, maintaining repairing tools and equipment, handling routine service activities, maintaining vehicle records, providing guidelines to customers on vehicle maintenance, testing repaired vehicle parts, examining vehicle parts, and repairing vehicle suspension systems. Automotive service technician applies high tech technical knowledge to execute the tasks in a successful way.

Automotive service technician should possess sound knowledge of vehicle systems like electrical, hydraulic pumps, brakes, engine, transmission parts, and interior functionalities. Candidates with diploma in high school can apply for the position. Good troubleshooting, communication, problem solving, and management are some of the essential skill sets of an automotive service technician.

Automotive Service Technician Resume

John Morne
050 Chestnut Rd, San Francisco, California
Contact: 309-872-1111

Career Goals:

A challenging position as an automotive service technician to utilize my capabilities in vehicle repairing/maintenance in a prestigious organization.

Knowledge & Credentials:

  • Extensive knowledge of vehicle parts, repairing and maintenance techniques
  • Comprehensive knowledge of testing procedures of automotive systems and components
  • In-depth knowledge of brake, electrical wirings, and hydraulic systems of vehicles
  • Possess excellent observation, troubleshooting, and problem solving skills
  • Ability to communicate proficiently and meet tight deadlines

Job Experience:

Organization: ABL Inc, CaliforniaMay 2011 till date
Profile: Automotive Service Technician

  • Responsible for diagnosing automotive problems, repairing and maintenance of automotive parts
  • Assigned responsibilities of maintaining records of repaired and replaced automotive parts
  • Handle the tasks of testing vehicles before delivering to the customer to ensure proper functionality
  • Perform responsibilities of repairing circuits and electrical wirings of vehicles
  • Responsible for vacuuming and polishing interior vehicle parts as well as maintaining vehicle records
  • Assigned responsibilities of providing prescriptions on maintenance of vehicle after repairing and servicing
  • Handled the tasks of taking corrective repair action(s) to solve the issues in an effective way

Organization: Hyden Group, CaliforniaMarch 2009 to April 2011
Profile: Junior Service Technician

  • Performed responsibilities of examining vehicles to identify the parts that need repairing
  • Handled the tasks of repairing brakes, electrical, and hydraulic systems
  • Assigned responsibilities of making adjustment of repaired systems by following the specifications of the manufacturer
  • Responsible for providing information to customers on repairing and replacement requirement of the vehicle
  • Handled the tasks of diagnosing vehicle emission control and exhaust and provide corrective action plans
  • Assigned responsibilities like lubrications and changing the oil of vehicle parts

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Diploma in High School
Saint Joshep High School, California in 2009

The best way of starting the writing process is to get the job requirement of the employer. Make your presentation short and precise. Think of the information that will add the interest of the employer. The sample here will help you to develop all the basic ideas of writing a successful resume. Start writing a job application form by using the outline and get ready to get a job interview call. The specific purpose of this resume is to help job applicants in discovering the art of preparing a complete and professional resume.

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