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Automation Technician Resume

Content, organization of information, and format determine the strength of a resume. Resume is scanned at an average of 30 seconds. These few seconds decide whether you are someone worth for the job interview. If you fail in impressing your employer, your resume is kept aside or simply thrown in the bin. It is, therefore, very important to get the impression for a positive response. This automation technician resume example is a good example to start the writing process. It communicates relevant data in the most appealing and structured manner.

Automation technician deals with devices that are used in industrial and commercial environment. This includes robotic and computer control devices and systems. An automation technician applies the mechanics and electronics to repair robotic devices and computer control systems. The job opportunities are available in manufacturing plant industries.

The job responsibilities of an automation technician include developing, maintaining, and repairing automated systems, diagnosing and troubleshooting failure in automated systems, checking and monitoring the working of automated systems, replacing necessary component and parts, assembling and installing robotic parts and devices, testing electronic units, reading wiring diagrams, providing engineering support, developing equipment to fasten the manufacturing process, upgrading of machinery parts, identifying defective parts, calibration of systems, developing preventive maintenance procedures, updating entire working and applications of automated process, and setting machineries required for the manufacturing process.

The job of an automation technician requires a bachelor's degree in automation technology. Automation technician should possess extensive knowledge of hydraulic systems, mechanical machineries, electrical circuit systems, pneumatics, and manufacturing process. Apart from the technical skills, this professional also needs good analytical, troubleshooting, communication, and management skills.

Sample Automation Technician Resume

Martin Wordsworth
7974 N Amyths Rd, Avenue#87
Chicago, Illinois 9087
Cell: (123)-678-1738

Career Goal:

A reputed position as an automation technician with a view to utilize my expertise in the field towards professional growth and development in a renowned organization

Professional Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of automation products, equipment, and operating procedures
  • Comprehensive knowledge of safety operation guidelines, maintenance instructions, and product fabrication techniques
  • In-depth knowledge of inspecting and repairing of automation products
  • Possess excellent knowledge of preventive maintenance procedures and equipment setting techniques
  • Ability to interpret technical documents with excellent troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Possess effective communication, multi-tasking, organizational, and management skills

Summary of Work History:

Organization: WTI Corporation, California
Duration: January 2011 till date
Designation: Automation Technician

  • Handle the tasks of developing designs and specifications of robotics and control systems
  • Assigned responsibilities of commissioning and troubleshooting system failures
  • Perform the tasks of monitoring and supervising the purchase of automation tools and equipment
  • Responsible for equipment maintenance and planning for machine storage
  • Assigned responsibilities of providing installing and commissioning automation equipment in a safe manner
  • Handle the tasks of educating customers on automation products and provide support in field level analysis

Organization: Sol Industries, California
Duration: May 2009 to December 2010
Designation: Junior Automation Technician

  • Assigned responsibilities of identifying, repairing, and maintenance of automation products and equipment
  • Performed the tasks of conducting research on automation development technologies and applications
  • Handled responsibilities of assisting customers in solving technical issues and product failures
  • Responsible for installation of automation parts and obtain service contracts from customers
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing strategies to improve the efficiencies of pumping systems
  • Handled responsibilities of identifying defective parts and development of preventive maintenance procedures

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor of Science in Automation Technology
California Engineering College in the year 2009


Will be pleased to provide upon request

It is necessary to choose a format that is organized and looks professional. The above one has been prepared for your reference. This resume sample will help you to gain experience in building a professional one for yourself. If you are looking for a career in the above profile, this sample can be used as a reference guide. It focuses on the overall concept of writing a resume that achieves the desired attention. It will help you to get noticed from thousands of job applicants. The guideline in this sample is easy to follow. The jargon used in it meets the industry standard. This resume example is sure to get the attention of the employer.

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