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Audio Video Technician Resume

An Audio Video Technician, being a technical professional is supposed to have in depth understanding of complicated structures and equipment that are used for the creation of images. Such expertise is utilized to provide uninterrupted broadcasts, having excellent quality performance. With completion of professional degrees and training courses, the candidate can avail on the job training or internship experience; it refines his/her technical understanding with relevant practical exposure of functions. Such operational jobs involve settings of machinery, tools, testing, and repairs and maintenance of equipments that keep all the operations safe and sound. So, while writing an audio video technician resume, take efforts to deal with technical skills and courses that offered refined excellence to manage operational jobs, in a better way.

The duties consist of serious technical operations such as planning, setting, installing, detecting, and correcting a variety of technology associated issues to ensure multimedia production. In depth understanding of computer systems and information technology can prove to be beneficial for the candidate, to clarify his/her proficiency at the work. His/her main responsibilities include the set of following operations, where his/her technical perfection is challenged and tested.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring technical perfection and smooth operations with effective implementation of advanced technology functions
  • Handling repairs and maintenance functions linked with technical equipment and tools to get the desired results
  • Shouldering execution responsibilities to offer technical support with live broadcasts, radio programs, and telecommunications functions
  • Carrying out electrical systems analysis to identify requirements to update technological inputs
  • Dealing with designs, manuals, and maintaining the required records and documentations of changes

Hence, with good electronics support and mathematical abilities, the candidate can convince the employer about his/her future career aspirations in the field. Creation of convincing profile summary can increase your chances of getting an interview offer.

Below, find the given sample that can serve the candidate's requirement to draft a resume for different positions and hence, it can be termed as an audio technician or audio visual technician resume with some basic difference of functional area.

Glenn C. Lewis
4283 Andell Road
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: 616-732-2763
Email Address:


With talent and perfection to control and manage quality operations regarding teleconferencing services, I would like to pursue my career in the field of broadcasting and telecommunications management, where I can prove my professional expertise with well updated technical and operational excellence.


  • Assisted Media Technician for 5 years
  • Working as an Assistant Video Technician
  • Headed training and technical support division of electronics department
  • Professional excellence in providing calculated and quality managed services


  • Excellent interpersonal abilities to communicate and function as a dynamic team member
  • Updated understanding of technical structures and systems analysis tools
  • Proficiency in providing technology based solutions to solve technical issues
  • Abilities to simplify complex structures with information technology support
  • Expertise in inventory control and management techniques

Technical Skills:

  • Familiar with Database Technician services
  • Proficient management of MS Word and MS Excel functions
  • Auto CAD (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations
  • Audio Video Technology Certification


  • Masters in Audio Engineering and Production from American University in Washington, D.C.
  • Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Audio Technology from University of Vermont
  • Received training in Information Systems analysis and management
  • Completion of diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Completed 4 years internship in an electronics industry

Professional Experience:

Thomas Manufacturing Services Pvt. Ltd. Brentwood, TN
Designation: Assistant Video Technician

2009-till date
Role and Responsibilities

  • Determined technical performance of the operations and installed new equipment to increase operational efficiency
  • Handled managerial functions to execute video teleconferencing functions
  • Ensured troubleshooting and operational support to solve technical issues
  • Clarified the systems requirements to develop a technical support team for smooth operations management
  • Offered instructional and training assistance to execute business plans and strategies

Universal Electronics Industries Pvt. Ltd. Portland, OR
Designation: Assistant Electronic Equipment Technician

Role and Responsibilities

  • Provided technical assistance to set up new technological inputs with critical understanding of technical functions
  • Handled technical projects, equipment, tools, and machinery to ensure quality operations and services
  • Established effective networks and systems to ascertain good quality audio and visual appeal
  • Diagnosed technical matters to develop highly effective and efficient programs management
  • Kept track record of all procedural improvements carried out on daily basis


  • Nominated for 'The Best Project of the Year' award for completion of the international level research project in the field of electronics and technology management
  • Acknowledged for the extraordinary performance in the field of systems and technology management, with innovative application summary of engineering practices


  • Received membership of the National Electronics and Research Institute, for voluntary contributions made to develop electronics system efficiency

Glenn C. Lewis

Specifically, while writing such technical resume, the candidate is required to discuss his/her technical skills, efficiency, and management practices that ensure highly effective technician services. Communicate strong interpersonal abilities to coordinate essential functions to understand technical difficulties and generation of effective system solutions. Abilities to handle multimedia operations, mixing of sound, broadcasting, and telecommunications services will be given priority, while dealing with technical stand of the prospective employee. However, technical experience, skills, and updated understanding of modules and engineering functions will be regarded as the fundamental requisites for the offer. Thus, while writing audio visual technician resume, don't forget to clarify operational expertise and performance excellence in the field.

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