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Aircraft Service Technician Resume

An aircraft technician is the one who is a certified mechanic, and is accountable for providing the necessary support functions, in connection with technical services. Hence, his practice at handling technical work, matters much; it imparts him with practical learning experience and assists him, in managing necessary technical excellence.

Before writing an aircraft technician resume, let's have a look at positional responsibilities, to know the exact skills requirements to discharge such work. Here is a list of some of the essential jobs and activities, which he needs to accomplish as a part of his daily routine.

Jobs and responsibilities:

  • Assisting engineers in providing technical support functions, repairs and maintenance services in connection with aircrafts
  • Supporting aeronautical engineers in carrying out supervising and inspection functions, to ascertain smooth operations of aircrafts
  • Installing and monitoring the development of aircrafts to offer its best performance, and to keep them in excellent working order
  • Performing scheduled maintenance and repairs functions to meet daily schedules
  • Ensuring flight schedules, by providing required technical support and safety functions
Thus, as a technician, he needs to have in depth understanding of operational functioning of such systems, and thereby, carrying out repairs and maintenance functions efficiently. Professional working experience in the area of repairs and maintenance would be given preference for such position. Hence, do not forget to highlight such experience in getting the desired effects.

In order to offer the most convincing profile, you need to coordinate the necessary information, which would serve your interest, and would help you in attracting the reader's mind to your suitability for the given position.

Aircraft Service Technician Resume Sample

Daniel J. Noel
3531 Havanna Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
Phone: 336-389-7178
Email Address:


With a wide ranging experience at handling repairs and maintenance functions, I would like to be a part of a government organization and to provide excellent technical support functions, by utilizing such experience and knowledge in the field.


  • Extensive experience in dealing with technical issues linked with aircraft repairs and maintenance
  • Provided technical support in testing and inspection of aircrafts to ascertain their functional efficiency
  • Assisted aeronautical engineers in carrying out designing and development of new aircrafts
  • Excellent at providing technical management and support functions
  • Proficiency in dealing with technical troubleshooting issues and matters
  • Excellent organization and management skills
  • Comprehensive abilities to understand the required operational corrections and good judgment skills
  • Outstanding research and development abilities to design new structures and simplification of complicated structures
  • Critical thinking abilities and good mathematical aptitude to perform necessary calculations and provide excellent services
  • Outstanding designing and drawings skills
  • Strong analytical and systematical approach to problem solving
Technical skills:
  • Well equipped with updated technical knowledge in the field of aeronautical engineering
  • Outstanding designing abilities with completion of Auto CADD (Automatic Computer Aided Designing and Drafting) operations
  • Excellent at managing Microsoft Office functions and database management
  • Bachelor's in Aeronautical Engineering from California Institute of Technology in 2001
  • Completed Master's in 'Materials and Operations Management' from the University of Southern California in 2003
  • Accomplished a diploma course in 'Repairs and Maintenance Management'
  • Completed a training program on 'Advanced Technological Developments' to know their relevance in the changing technological environment needs and demands
Professional experience:

Assistant Aircraft Service Technician, RTP Engineering Works Ltd. Burlington MI 65484
2010-till date
Role and responsibilities:

  • Assisting engineers and developers with the required technical support functions to ensure smooth operations of flights on time
  • Ensuring that the flights follow the given schedules, and maintaining required documentation log of the repairs and maintenance functions
  • Carrying out regular check-ups and inspection functions, to ensure excellent management of safety and control functions
  • Analyzing needed repairs and replacing the malfunctioning parts to ensure smooth operations; providing necessary services to keep all schedules intact
  • Assisting designers in rebuilding some components, by providing them with the needed help and feedback
  • Ensuring safety and operational excellence, with preventive and total productive management
Repairs and Maintenance Technician Universal Engineering Works Ltd. Redding, CA 94687
Role and responsibilities:
  • Carrying out repairs and management functions to ascertain smooth operational functioning
  • Keeping record of all necessary documentation in connection with daily checks and inspection
  • Supervising and detecting the area, for improving operational efficiently and effectiveness of flights
  • Ensuring good safety and control measures, in case of emergency situations
  • Assessing requirement of the needed components to perform repairs and maintenance functions, and presenting such order
  • Achieved 'The Best Performer of the Year 2011' award for offering the best feasible solution to the research and development team, working for improving aircraft capacity and efficiency of aircrafts
  • Achieved 'The Best Administrator of the Year 2009' award, for providing necessary technical support functions and achieving the target schedules in the most effective way
  • An active member of an association working for creating awareness about changing and challenging technological environment, and thereby help people in utilizing such opportunities, to improve their job prospects
Mobility and Flexibility:

Capable of handling independent responsibilities. Quick and flexible in adjusting with environmental changes.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Daniel J. Noel

Thus, when you apply for an aircraft service technician position, you need to highlight your prior working experience in the field of repairs and maintenance. This would surely, help in creating a convincing profile detail to discharge all positional responsibilities and would guide you towards accomplishment of proficient work. Such in depth understanding of the mechanics and functions would serve your purpose, and help you gain the desired effect.

In this manner, while writing an aircraft service technician resume, you need to effectively put forth your technical excellence, and proficiency at handling repairs and maintenance functions. Highlighting such details would surely assist you in creating the most convincing profile, and thereby attract the recruiter's attention to you. So, carefully plan your resume details with a well researched data about the positional requirement, and accordingly design the most impressive resume details. Thus, coordinating positional responsibilities with your prior experiences, would help you gain the expected result.

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