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Technical Instructor Resume

A technical instructor instructs a group of candidates and teaches them various things about the technical aspects of the given work. It helps to systematically gain practical knowledge about the technical functions to be performed, and imparts you with necessary skills to accomplish the tasks efficiently. This position is remarkable for imparting technical information and can be seen in a variety of areas such as education, corporate working environment, military etc.

Job responsibilities:

  • Providing technical knowledge and imparting necessary technical skills required to carry out the given set of operations efficiently
  • Assisting the candidates to know about the given work in depth, and thereby, managing the necessary development and training functions
  • Instructing and providing the learners with deep insight into technical learning, and creating awareness about recent developments and environmental demands
  • Selecting the best tools, techniques and methods to impart the given knowledge and making the learners competent enough to handle trouble shooting operations and exercises
  • Updating the candidates with the latest developments in the field, and offering details about how to handle emergency circumstances in a better way

Example of Resume

David A. Peterson
451 Graystone Lakes
Gordon, GA 31031
Phone: 478-746-7664
Email Address:


Looking for an organization where I would serve the organizational requirement of developing its technical excellence, by providing its workforce with the necessary technical instructions, and help them gain the established set of objectives.


  • Experience in technical instruction and dealing with corporate technical requisite
  • 4 years of practice in handling technical work and associated queries of an enterprise
  • Excellently managed organizational objective of training the new recruits and provided them with necessary technical assistance in the field


  • Good communication skills and excellent leadership qualities
  • Abilities to manage stressful situations, and comprehensive mind set to handle the technical issues in a better way
  • Good motivational power and abilities to coordinate necessary developments by designing relevant programs and activities
  • Critical thinking abilities and good organization and administration skills
  • Proficient in dealing with technical issues and matters effectively

Technical skills:

  • Familiar with recent teaching aids and techniques to provide excellent instruction functions
  • Well updated with current issues and changing technological requirements of the environment
  • Well acquainted with Microsoft functions, and can excellently manage presentations and teaching skills


  • Graduated in 'Electronics Engineering' from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002
  • Completed Master's in 'Operations Management' from the University of California
  • Completed a diploma in 'Mechanical Engineering' from the University of Southern California in 2005
  • Completed a training program on 'Recent Developments and Trends Management'

Professional experience:

Technical Instructor
YTR Engineering Works Ltd, Northbrook IL 60038
2010-till date
Duties and role

  • Provided technical support and managed technical requirements of the organizational workforce
  • Analyzed requirements of training and instruction and managed a variety of training programs to effectively
  • Imparted the candidates with necessary knowledge and technical understanding
  • Solved their queries in connection with technical work, and made them competent to deal with technical issues practically

Assistant Technical Instructor
United Engineering Industries Ltd., New York, NY 94757
Duties and role

  • Done necessary modifications in the given plans to increase proficiency of handling technical work in an excellent way
  • Provided necessary support in dealing with technical troubleshooting problems
  • Assisted instructors in managing corporate requirements and support him in carrying out teaching effectiveness and evaluation
  • Managed necessary documentation and reports in order to judge the results of technical training and instruction functions
  • Assisted in carrying out assembly, formation and planning in connection with technical work of the corporation
  • Create a friendly atmosphere to develop good team building activities
  • Carried out various evaluation tests and monitored effective development of the candidates to fulfill the organizational requirements


  • Received a prize for excellently managing the necessary requirements of the corporation and thereby, improving corporation's production 20%


  • Affiliated to a social association working for creating awareness, about new technological developments in the field, and its impact on the current market requirements and demands
  • Affiliated to a society actively working for solving the critical social issues and matters from the social environment


Ready and willing to work anywhere in the States, and can work on target based or result oriented position. Adaptable and flexible to changing environmental demands and requirements. Capable of handling individual responsibilities, and willing to work with target based working environment, offering challenging goals to achieve.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

David A. Peterson

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