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Surveying offers us with accurate and exact measures of landscapes with the help of a variety tools and techniques. It helps to technically measure land area, and plan your projects accordingly. It is one of the most important partd of building and construction projects, that you need to analyze the given land to prepare your plan accordingly. We find a variety of fields available to carry out surveying such as property, site, or marine surveying. It's a conscious attempt to analyze land terrestrially, to calculate all the measures accurately.

Job responsibilities:

  • Measuring the given piece of land accurately in order to plan out various aspects of the work to be constructed
  • Determining exact positions and structures of the tasks to be performed to ensure good planning and developing measures
  • Measuring, researching, planning and developing various plans to effectively coordinate various details, and determining the best based on such observations
  • Assisting engineers in preparing designs, structures, and plans to fulfill the client's specifications in the best possible manner
  • Establishing the necessary link between client's requirements and landscape available, and design the construction layouts accordingly
  • Maintaining the required documentation and records to refer to, carrying out sufficient analysis and interpretations to ascertain the development of plans and layouts

Resume Example

Bryan C. Allen
557 Smith Road
Cumming, GA 30100
Phone: 864-763-4545
Email Address:


Looking for an organization where I can professionally provide Surveying functions efficiently, and utilize my technical excellence in the field, in developing the projects to the exact specifications, and offer highly customized services.


  • 5 years of professional practice at handling surveying functions and assisted in planning construction projects efficiently
  • Excellently managed development of good and effective projects in creation of an organizational goodwill in the market
  • Proficiently handled designing, planning, surveying and developing functions
  • Wide ranging experience in carrying out surveying and management functions


  • Good interpersonal skills and excellent management abilities
  • Technically sound and proficient in carrying out the required measurements
  • Critical thinking abilities and strong supplementary analytical skills
  • Outstanding at handling technical functions

Technical skills:

  • Familiarity with latest developments in surveying and technical excellence
  • Excellent at managing designing functions with the help of Auto CADD operations
  • Well aware of different tools and techniques used to carry out such functions effectively


  • Bachelor's in 'Surveying' from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002
  • Completed a diploma in 'Civil Engineering' from the University of Southern California in 2003
  • Completed a training program on 'Advanced Surveying and Forestry Management'

Professional experience:

Assistant Surveyor
Sadan Engineering Works Ltd, Buffalo NY 24655
2010-till date

  • Measuring and surveying land area to ensure good planning and safety measures
  • Directing engineers with required information and guiding them in planning their processes and designs
  • Estimating project requirements and costs involved for budgeting
  • Assisting in developing construction plans and structures necessary for starting new projects
  • Calculating project details and determining needed plans, and construct them accordingly
  • Providing exact and accurate data by using Auto CADD operations

Junior Assistant Surveyor
TEII Engineering Industries Ltd. New York NY 95746

  • Creating necessary documentation and records for legal procedural formalities and getting approval
  • Carrying out electronic data processing and offering required layouts with fulfillment of specifications and orders
  • Analyzing land requirement and creating essential structures and layouts to work on
  • Collecting and using data in planning all other relevant aspects in association with designing and development of projects


  • Rewarded with 'The Best Employee of the Year 2010' award, for creation of highly innovative and creative project plans and designs, with comparatively lower space accommodation
  • Nominated for "The Consistent Performer of the Year 2009' for providing excellent surveying services


  • Affiliated to a social health-care association actively working, for creating awareness about health issues and developing necessary health-care and lifestyle habits in the citizens


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Bryan C. Allen

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