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QA Test Technician Resume

A mandatory requirement for any product or business to be successful in any market is that it has to meet the quality standards expected by customers. To make sure that all the products in the same category stand at par with each other, a standard specification list is put forth by a combined governing body. The organizations need to make sure that these quality specifications are met to make their products successful. To ensure the same, the organizations appoint a Quality Assurance (QA) Test Technician also known as a Quality Analyst, who is solely responsible for checking the quality adherence of the produce. A QA test technician resume sample provided herewith will serve as a resume template for the one's willing to send in their candidature to apply for the said position.

Sample of Resume

Pearl S. Park
4814 Silver Cliff Circle
Washington, DC 20051
Ph: 258-318-8472

Career Objective:

Having worked in production for 4 years and then in quality check department, am currently employed with Tom's Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Washington DC, as the Assistant Quality Assurance Technician since 2009. Willing to work at a senior position, wherein I get to handle the quality check department.

Career Summary:

With a total work experience of 6 years (4 years in production and 2+ years in QA) am thorough with the production and quality requirements and standards that need to be adhered to make products successful and acceptable in the market. I am thorough with the internal quality check procedures that help the organizations clear the annual audits, and save on cost and time by avoiding defective or below the standard manufacturing. Thus, am thorough with production processes and quality assurance procedures, which makes me capable of handling the quality department.

Summary of Skills:

Process Skills:

  • Expertise in studying the processes and procedures and check the flaws to avoid wastage of resources
  • Expertise in understanding standard specifications put forth by clients or governing body
  • Thorough with various testing and sampling procedures

Managerial Skills:

  • Good leadership skills
  • Good team player as well as team handling skills
  • Expertise in communication, coordination and presentation
  • Good at decision making

Characteristic Traits:

  • Highly self-motivated and result oriented
  • Zeal to excel and work with utmost perfection
  • Expertise in analytical, logical and mathematical reasoning

Computer Skills:

  • Expertise in MS Office and web surfing
  • Expertise in using various analytical and sampling analysis tools
  • Proficient with Windows, Linux, Unix, and MS DOS

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Tom's Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Washington DC (2009-till date)
Designation: Assistant Quality Assurance Technician
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the QA Head
  • Work in coordination with the team members as well as production department
  • Checking the produce while still in production so that deviations if any are controlled then and there
  • Drafting quality check procedures and measures as per the quality standards required or put forth for a particular production batch
  • Collect samples by using sampling techniques, test and analyze the outcomes using various analytical tools
  • Make use of statistical analysis, probability analysis, and sampling analysis for sample batch testing requirements
  • Ensure that the production procedures are in sync with the standards
  • Drafting a report based on the analysis and submitting the same to the Head for further action
  • Maintain a record of all the quality tests and analysis, and present the same to the External Quality Auditors as and when needed
  • In case of deviations and flaws, communicate with the production department, and with the assistance of seniors troubleshoot the same to ensure that the production meets the prescribed standards

Previous Work Experience:

A] Jade's Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Washington, DC (2005-2009)
Designation: Production Executive
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Production Manager
  • Explain the production procedure and quality specifications to the fresher and the production labor working on the same
  • Draft production schedules
  • Devise production procedures and processes as per requirements based on the order or consignment quantity to be delivered
  • Assist in checking production quality


  • Masters in Production and Quality Management, St. Peter's Institute of Business Studies, Washington - 2005
  • Bachelors of Business Administration with honors in Production Management, St. Peter's Institute of Business Studies, Washington - 2003


Available on request


Pearl S. Park

Make sure that you customize your resume by writing a resume objective and career summary that puts forth the best of you. Go ahead, and draft a resume that will present your candidature as effectively as possible. As like resume preparation; cover letter is also the most important point to get attracted by an employer. Here are some QA technican related cover letters that may help you.

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