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Landscape Architect Resume

A landscape architect performs a variety of activities, right from planning, designing, coordinating, analyzing the locational requirements, and organizing all things to accomplish the given project efficiently. He needs to have critical thinking abilities, good judgment, based on in depth understanding of matters. His main responsibilities relate to field work, such as supervising location and decide about relevant plans to make it successful. Such landscape architect needs to get registered, and has to opt for relevant professional licenses to start such a profession.

Example of Resume

Christopher J. Maag
373 Liberty Street
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 241-825-3384
Email Address:


With a wide ranging of expertise in managing landscape architecture functions, and professionally handling jobs linked with the position, looking for an opportunity to independently provide Landscape Architecture services, and deal with the relevant issues.


  • Extensive experience in handling professional landscape architecture services
  • Assisted a landscape architect for 4 years, and completed the initial internship
  • Excellent at managing locational issues, and providing highly customized services as per client specifications and demands


  • Good interpersonal skills and abilities to administer locational work efficiently
  • Strong analytical and comprehensive abilities to understand, and logically link various aspects of the given work
  • Outstanding project management and organization skills
  • Excellent designing, planning, organizing and supervising skills

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in carrying out Auto CAD operations
  • Excellent at dealing with Microsoft functions


  • A bachelor's in 'Landscape Architecture' from University of California in 2000
  • Completed Master's in 'Operations and Project Management' from the University of Michigan in 2002
  • Completed a diploma in 'Project and Works Management' from the University of Southern California
  • Completed a training program on 'Recent Developments and Technology Management'

Professional experience:

Assistant Landscape Architect, UTE Landscapes Engineering Ltd, Washington DC 20007
2010-till date

  • Supervising landscapes and locations in order to gather primary data for carrying out relevant analysis
  • Analyzing the locational requirements and solving the associated issues by effectively coordinating the analyzed data
  • Establishing and linking client's specifications with the locational demands in order to coordinate relevant plans to ensure full conformance
  • Carrying out topographic surveys in order to ascertain necessary documentation, report preparation to plan out required safety and control measures
  • Carrying out in depth analysis of the landscape and preparing reports showing all positive and negative aspects of the site
  • Preparing drawing charts, reports and arrive at findings to have sound decision making

Assistant Landscape Architect RUI Construction House Ltd. Vinooski, VT 45785

  • Assisting in completing in depth study of landscape and analyze its utility in order to ascertain the client's requirements
  • Suggesting necessary modifications to satisfy the customer's requirements, and estimating the required amount of funds to prepare budgets
  • Analyzing sites and preparing designs and plans to ensure highly customized projects as per client specifications
  • Maintaining necessary records and documentation, to accomplish with all procedural requirements, and get the project approval from relevant authority
  • Designing projects as per clients specifications, and coordinating necessary details to ensure proper arrangement of all facilities


  • Received a prize for managing the projects as per client's orders, and ascertaining that maximum requirements are met; thereby creating customer value satisfaction, and effectively contributing towards organizational goodwill in the market
  • Affiliated to a social health group, working for effectively designing various plans and institutes for developing necessary health consciousness and good health habits
Mobility and Flexibility:

Ready and willing to work in flexible shifts, to ensure that the schedules are met on time with maximum conformance to client's specifications. Capable of handling high work load and able to work under stressful work pressure.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct, and true as per my knowledge.

Christopher J. Maag

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