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Engineering Technician Resume

Engineering technicians utilize knowledge about various disciplines such as science, engineering, mathematics, statistics etc., and by applying these theories practically; they solve a variety of technical issues. Their technical expertise and practice help them to solve these matters. Before writing your resume, you need to give due consideration to the responsibilities to be carried out, in order to ascertain the specific job requirement and determine the skills set. This surely helps you to highlight such skills in your profile details, and scientifically improve your job possibilities.

Auto CAD operations are an inseparable part of such work. So, your proficiency in 3D designing, scheduling of events, discharging repairs and maintenance functions would be given due consideration.

Job responsibilities:

  • Carrying our research and development and assisting engineers and technologists with necessary technological inputs
  • Coordinating various activities and practically performing engineering functions by applying a variety of disciplinary knowledge and theories
  • Supervising quality control, checking and inspecting products and manufacturing processes; this helps you in making a thorough analysis of the products and engineering processes
  • Solving technical problems and issues in assistance with technical proficiency, and creating the required prototypes to ensure the desired results, and access necessary requisites for development of a particular product

Resume Sample

David P. Penman
3259 Ingram Street
Dayton, Oh 45402
Phone: 937-564-5680
Email Address:


Looking for an Engineering Technician Position, where I would get sufficient opportunities and exposure to learn and utilize my engineering skills, and thereby, contribute towards achievement of the organizational objective effectively.


  • Five years of experience at handling technical work, and is able to provide engineering services efficiently
  • Two years of experience at providing engineering support in carrying out research and development functions
  • Well acquainted with different applications of technology and able to provide customized services
  • Familiarity with designing, programming and development functions; handled repairs and maintenance functions
  • Excellent in time management and meeting schedules as per given projects; handled target oriented jobs
  • Proficient at offering technical services as per given specifications and orders


  • Strong mathematical and analytical abilities
  • Familiar with Auto CAD operations
  • Ability to handle high work pressure and works under target based jobs
  • Excellent and trained in practical problem solving
  • Extensive experience in dealing with technical problems and issues

Technical skills:

  • Auto CAD operations
  • Familiar with MS Office functions
  • 3D designing and programming


  • Completed my Bachelor's degree in engineering from Missouri University of Technology, in 2002
  • Completed a diploma course in 'Engineering Management'
  • Attended 'Research Intensive Program' to know about the recent technological developments in the engineering field, and to get acquainted with its technical applications practically


Completed a certificate course in:

  • Auto CAD operations (Automated Computer Aided Designing)
  • Programming management

Professional experience:

Senior Assistant Engineering Technician, Alfa Engineering Industry, 45356 NL
2009-till date

  • Integrating all components as per provided specifications, and carrying out necessary modifications, wherever required
  • Ensuring full conformance to all safety measures and working in order to improve technical excellence of the given product
  • Preparing reports based on engineering work and managing technical matters in the most effective manner as per the given specifications by engineers
  • Assisting an engineer in carrying out research and development in connection with 'Control Engineering', and developing necessary disaster management system
  • Providing customized services as per client's specifications, and monitoring necessary changes
  • Working for enhancing fuel efficiency and development of necessary prototypes to ascertain practical feasibility of different models

Assistant Engineering Technician, FHFY Technologies Silverdale, WA
2006- 2009

  • Assisting in development of designs and structures of products and engines, based on specifications given by clients and engineering practices
  • Carrying out necessary research and development activities in relation to designing safety measures, fuel efficient products, and thereby, controlling production cost considerably
  • Supervising and monitoring the development of the organization's projects, and carry out relevant analysis of the designs
  • Working for repairs and maintenance department, and ensuring full compliance with client's specifications
  • Maintaining necessary documentation in connection with research and development of designs and plans for record keeping


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

David P. Penman

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