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Drafter Resume

A Drafter works on a variety of projects and designs as per the provided specifications from clients, and illustrates them with necessary technical plans, or drafts to build concrete structures. A drafter technically sound in designing and planning out relevant requirements in connection with the projects from a variety of fields and areas. It requires a sound understanding of concepts and designing to project your plans on papers, and have a proper direction to accomplish the given set of work effectively.

Job responsibilities:

  • Creating technical drawings and plans with the help of Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting functions, and providing the clients with necessary plans and designs to work on
  • Using a variety of skills and technical material to coordinate various details in connection with the given plans
  • Providing and facilitating the development of designed plans and efficiently coordinating technical programs and designs
  • Ensuring full conformance with standard policies and practices, which would make it useful and give it universal acceptance
  • Adding technical perfection by integrating designs and requirements with the help of technical work and calculating estimates based on data

Resume Sample

Arturo L. Ahner
3918 Woodrow Way
Huntsville Way
Phone: 936-654-8643
Email Address:


With widely gained experience in drawings and drafting plans, wish to handle independent responsibilities, and looking for an organization where I can utilize my technical excellence and professional experience in the most effective way.


  • Excellently managed technical matters with the needed accuracy and perfection
  • Proficiently handled drawing and planning functions to provide the clients with the best plan to work on
  • Managed technical excellence to offer exact plans, specifications and solutions to incorporate necessary developments


  • Proficient in dealing with technical issues and matters
  • Abilities to comprehend requirements, and convert them into technical specifications to provide the required direction
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills
  • Good communication and reasoning abilities to arrive at decisions; rational approach to look at things
  • Proficient in dealing with technical issues and matters, effectively
  • Excellent management and organization skills

Technical skills:

  • Proficient in handling Auto CADD operations (Automated Computer Aided Designing and Drafting)
  • Good at dealing with Microsoft functions


  • Bachelor's in 'Electronics Engineering' from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000
  • Completed Master's in 'Project Management' from the University of California
  • Completed a training program on 'Advanced Engineering Techniques and Methodology' to monitor the client's engineering requirement

Professional experience:

Assistant Drafter TRE Industries Ltd, Opportunity MT 343747
2010-till date

  • Designing plans and drawings to satisfy client's requirements and incorporating accurate plans to monitor their developments afterwards
  • Assessing clients' demands and requirements to convert them into technical specifications that would satisfy process and procedural developments
  • Maintaining necessary documentation and reports to coordinate structural and technical data and fulfill legal requirements
  • Analyzing various standard processes and practices to ensure technical conversion of given requirements and create most accurate plans and designs

Assistant Drafter REI Engineering Works Ltd. New York NY 86656

  • Assisting the drafter in planning out various details about the projects and support him in accomplishing the needed designs and drafts
  • Supporting him in providing the analyzed data, and its conversion into technical excellence; monitoring perfect services by assembling the plans
  • Communicating clients' demands and applying various mathematical functions to integrate the designed plans for further developments
  • Providing visual guidelines and helping the engineers in successful accomplishment of the projects


  • Won 'The Best Employee of the Year 2010' award, for effectively and efficiently completing the given targets and contributing towards creation of a positive goodwill in the market.


  • An active member of an association working for creating environmental awareness and taking conscious efforts to solve such matters, by designing effective and efficient campaigns and programs.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to work anywhere in the States, and widely recognized for providing effective and accurate services as a drafter. Readily adaptable to environmental requirements, and changing technological needs and demands. Hence, can effectively cope up with a dynamic technological environment, and manage work in a flexible manner.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.

Arturo L. Ahner

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