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Aircraft Pilot Resume

Applicant applying for an aircraft pilot post must know that aviation is a job of high responsibility and involves a great deal of skills and knowledge. Applicants must first ensure that they are fully equipped for the post and understand the responsibility and duties involved in the post totally. While writing a resume applicants need to follow certain rules and regulations so as to frame the resume appropriately.

Applicants should mention about their personal, professional and academic details in their resume. Writing skills and knowledge possessed by an applicant appropriately is essential as it will help the recruiter determine the eligibility of the applicant for the post.

Example of Resume
Stefano Albatross
22nd Nina Avenue, Killington Ally
Miami, Florida (234 233 333)
Contact details: 345 3454 4356

Career Objective:

Looking for a challenging position of an Aircraft Pilot in a reputed aviation company where my skills and knowledge will be used for the success of the firm and also for my own personal experience.

Career summary:

Possess 3 years of professional experience as an aircraft pilot in an established aviation company. I have excellent technical skills and expertise to fly a variety of flights and aircrafts.

Summary of Skills:

  • Accessing of information received from control station and implement it accordingly
  • Ability to operate all air craft equipments in the cockpit area
  • To read and study all signals
  • Ability to execute proper steps at the time of emergency
  • Proper knowledge and checking of vitals before and after takeoff and landing
  • Ability to address the cabin crew and the passengers
  • Analyzing of flight plan and time management
  • Ability to run the cooling and pressure equipment in the fuselage
  • Highly evolved communication skills required for aviation
  • Good communication and healthy relation among co-pilots
  • Excellent body fitness

Professional Experience:

Working in a reputed aviation firm as an aircraft pilot from 2008 to now
Company: Pacific Blues Airways
Designation: Senior Aircraft Pilot


  • Primary role in flying of aircrafts
  • Analyzing of data and facts received from control center
  • Computing of facts such as weight of passengers, weight of luggage, quantity of fuel loaded, etc.
  • Checking of all vital information and proper working of all the parts in the aircraft
  • Communicating with air traffic control during landing, takeoff and mid air communication
  • Addressing the passengers during journey
  • Updating of log book and writing of daily activities at the end of the working day

Educational Background:

  1. Achieved degree from National Aeronautical Agency in the field of professional piloting in the year 2007
  2. Achieved ABN degree in aircraft operating and maintenance from High Flyer Institute of Aviation in 2005
  3. Completed Masters in Technical Engineering in 2003 from MIT
  4. Completed graduation in engineering from MIT in the year 2001


  • Achieved professional license from the National Aeronautical association, Michigan in the year 2008
  • Membership with Michigan Flying association
  • Achieved professional affiliation from Zeus Instructor Association

Personal Interest:
Traveling, adventure sports, reading, etc.

I hereby declare that the above information provided above is true to my knowledge.


Reference letters, appreciation letter, academic reports, copies of license and affiliation forms.

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