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Aircraft Mechanic Resume

An aircraft mechanic repairs and mends parts of an aircraft at an airport. He is basically assigned to perform repair work in various parts of the aircraft that include the fuselage, landing gear, radar, tail fins and wings, cockpit, etc. The resume for an aircraft mechanic should therefore be written according to the requirement of the post so that the employer can understand the applicant's eligibility for the post.

While writing a resume, the basic problem that arises is that most applicants don't know the procedure how to write one properly. There are certain methods and techniques that are involved in writing a proper resume that applicants must know of. First of all, most of the applicants face problems while organizing all their facts in a single sheet of paper. The problem can be solved by following a proper format or layout style that will help the applicants in the organizing all his facts and figures in one sheet. Through formatting, applicants can mention about their professional, personal, and academic aspects in a single page properly.

Below are some more tips that applicants can use to make the resume look more bright and beautiful.

Tips for writing a better Resume

  • Applicants should make the resume brief and understandable.
  • Bulleted points must be used wherever necessary.
  • Applicants should not use difficult words that are not easy to understand.
  • Long sentences and paragraphs must be avoided.
  • Applicant should limit the use of 'I', 'me', 'we', etc. to a minimum.
  • The resume must not be addressed to any physical or imaginary body

Resume Example
Joe Elliston
12th Perkins Avenue, San Francisco,
California (2344 444343)
Email Id:
Telephone number: 345 333 5332

Career Objective:

To seek a position in a reputed aviation firm where I can use my expertise and skills as an Aircraft Mechanic and contribute in the proper running of the organization as well as for my own personal experience.

Career Summary:

Previously employed with a well known aircraft manufacturer as an aircraft mechanic for a period of 6 years. Possess excellent expertise in airline machinery and technicalities involved in aircraft repairing.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess excellent expertise in repairing aircraft
  • Good knowledge about interior and exterior of aircraft, repairing of landing gear, oiling and lubricating various machinery, repairing and servicing of radar, etc.
  • Highly proficient in servicing and repairing of cockpit area
  • Repairing of monitors, meters, and measuring devices and instruments in a cockpit
  • Full knowledge of wiring and electric circuit lay out in the fuselage and other parts of the aircraft
  • Repairing and installing of batteries
  • Good communication skills
  • Efficient team worker

Professional Experience:

Company: Arzan Airways, 2005-2011
Designation: Aircraft Mechanic and Repairer

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Primarily assigned to repair aircrafts on the run
  • Mechanical assistance and support to new aircrafts
  • Assigned in projects for the bulk repairing of older aircrafts
  • Repairing conducted using the latest techniques
  • Team leader in projects managing the junior mechanics
  • Report making and analysis of full day's work
  • Assessment of overall work and rechecking and servicing

Academic History:

  • Completed Junior Engineering in Aeronautical Science from PMS Aviation Academy
  • Completed schooling as a full timer from Daffodil's International High School

Personal Interests:
traveling, adventure sports, car model designing, etc.

I hereby declare that the above information provide above is true to my knowledge.

Will be provided on request.

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