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Women's Studies Major Resume

Writing a professional resume that makes prospective employers to take notice among a crowd of applicants is no more as difficult as it sounds. This women's studies major resume is all about writing a professional and effective resume. The idea is to make sure that you get the most deserving attention of the employer at the first glance. The goal of this resume is to guide you on the techniques of coming up with a resume that lands a job interview. The techniques and tips shared in this resume will solve the dilemma that one faces in the process of building a perfect resume. This resume example will exactly convince your prospective employer to give an interview call.

It was in the 1970's that Women's Studies emerged as a new field in the academic field. Just to name a few includes Sociology, English, Geography, Psychology, and History. A major in woman studies offer opportunities in government and non-government organizations, social service organizations, health care organizations, non-profit organizations, and in legal firms. Some of the job profiles available for woman studies major includes Child Welfare Worker, Crisis Intervention Worker, Social Service Worker, Education coordinator, Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Care Counselor, Fundraising Consultant, Life Skills Worker, Lobbyist, and Rehabilitation Advisor.

A career as a clinical social worker comes under the category of health and social work. The duties of a clinical social worker include identifying and evaluating patient's health care requirements, providing physical and mental support to patients, providing emotional and moral support to homelessness as well as victims of domestic violence, supporting behavior problems, dealing with patients with mental illness and poverty, counseling mental health patient's issues, providing health service to patients with chronic problems, and preventing diseases by organizing health awareness programs. The role also demands developing treatment plans by coordinating with health care professionals.

Sample Women's Studies Major Resume

Albert Reed
130 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
Contact Details: 909-789-4489

Career Goal:

Hands on experience in health assessments, planning treatment programs, health counseling and supporting health social service. Seeking an opportunity to work as a clinical social worker in a renowned organization

Core Competencies:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of health care social work Hands on experience in health counseling, developing appropriate treatment programs, and health care procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of psychotherapeutic services, techniques, and methodologies of Clinical Social Work
  • Extensive knowledge of developing and implementing appropriate health care facilities to meet patient's requirements
  • Well versed in providing care in psychosocial aspects of illness with sound knowledge of community health care plan and resources
  • Possess excellent communication skills and has the ability to work cooperatively with patients and family members
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and time-management skills

Professional Experience:

Organization: Health Services, Boston
Duration: January 2010 till date
Designation: Clinical Social Worker

  • Responsible for providing psychotherapeutic services to patients and
  • Perform evaluation of health services by coordinating with medical staff
  • Assigned the tasks of assisting patents in solving physical/psychological illness through effective health care programs
  • Perform responsibilities of building effective communication channels between hospital staff, patient, and family members
  • Handle the tasks of diagnosing and providing appropriate treatment that meets the requirement of patients
  • Responsible for providing counseling services in mental illness that results from social and emotional factors
  • Perform responsibilities of providing health care education programs and identify heath care requirements

Organization: Synergies Group, Boston
Duration: April 2008 to December 2009
Designation: Junior Clinical Social Worker

  • Assigned responsibilities of assessing and evaluating the psychological and behavioral patterns of patients
  • Performed the tasks of planning diagnostic treatment plans related to psychiatric disorders
  • Handled responsibilities of coordinating with senior staff in counseling and providing appropriate psychotherapy services to patients
  • Assigned the tasks of providing cognitive therapy to patients as well as perform case management of patients
  • Responsible for handling discharge planning activities of patients after careful assessment
  • Handled all other health care activities as required under the direction of experienced health care practitioners

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor Degree of Arts in Women's Studies
University of Boston in the year 2008


Will be pleased to provide upon request

Preparing resumes, after all, is a marketing and a self promotional activity. It is the only way where one can advertise the best, professionally. The above women's studies resume provides the exact guidelines that will help you stand out among the crowd of qualified job competitors. It has been designed by considering all the parameters of effective resume writing into guidelines. Hope, it will help you to come up with a compelling summary of your professional experience, skills, and qualities in the most deserving manner.

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