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Studio Art Major Resume

Studio arts, as the title suggests, refers to forms of art like fine arts, painting, sculpture, and so on. College graduates with major in studio arts can involve in artistic work and creation. Jobs that falls under studio arts major include advertising artists, calligrapher, still photographer, art consultant, drafter, textile designer, gemologist, decorator, internet designer, interior decorator, and many more.

Calligraphy is a form of art that focuses on beautiful style of writing. A career as a calligrapher falls under the category of arts. A major degree in studio arts is the right domain to enter the domain. The job responsibilities of a calligrapher includes incorporating calligraphy in any form of art, preparing appointments and special invitations by using pen and ink, writing inspirational phases for sales and promotion of goods and services, preparing decorative designs, adding artistic element to various characters to give emotional feelings, writing letters by adding great art form, and adding meaning to arts form by using various calligraphic forms.

The basic point to understand in any job preparation is to plan and prepare a great resume. This is true for all. The reason is that, it is the resume that makes your employer understand where you stand professionally. A well planned and prepared resume can be rewarding. This studio arts major resume is an illustrative example to expose the effective techniques of preparing a winning resume. The skills and experience in the sample is specific to the applied position. Like an effective marketing tool, it directly points to the information that the employer looks forward. Get the best idea of preparing a resume that proves rewarding in the job application process.

Sample Studio Major Resume

Donald Davis
21-30 Guy R. Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, New York
Cell: 566-111-2569

Career Goal: Creative with passion for arts and calligraphy forms with diverse knowledge of calligraphy types and arts forms. Looking an opportunity to work as a calligrapher with a view to utilize my creative and arts skills in major fine arts industry

Educational Details:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Studio Art
New York College in the year 2008

Summary of Knowledge:

  • Extensive knowledge of calligraphy arts, calligraphy techniques, and forms of art
  • In-depth knowledge of expression of arts by using calligraphy forms and techniques
  • Expert in Chinese calligraphy and arts forms as well as medium of expression
  • Creative, originality, and has the ability to express written forms in fine arts and calligraphy
  • Sound knowledge of color combinations and brush expression techniques
  • Ability to communicate professionally with excellent management skills
  • Eye for detail and has the ability to work for long hours

Summary of Work Experience:

Organization: Hands Expert, New York
Tenure: (June 2009 till date)
Designation: Calligrapher

  • Responsible for understanding characters and expressing the same in arts form by using techniques of calligraphy
  • Handle responsibilities of integrating calligraphy in arts form for selling in arts gallery
  • Perform the tasks of writing to inspirational quotations, phrases, and grand wedding invitations
  • Assigned responsibilities of choosing appropriate blocks, brush, and paper for unique arts creation
  • Responsible for providing guidelines to client in selecting unique forms of handwriting to bring unique result
  • Perform all other essential tasks as required

Organization: Arts Creation, New York
Tenure: (October 2008 to May 2009)
Duration: Junior Calligrapher

  • Assigned the tasks of assisting calligrapher in researching the existing forms of calligraphy arts
  • Performed responsibilities of preparing calligraphy for arts expressions and written forms
  • Handled the tasks of drawing decorative designs and writing letters under the guidance of senior calligrapher
  • Performed tasks like buying calligraphy materials, papers, and boards

The most essential thing to consider is to present it in such a way that it shines above the rest of the applicants. If one succeeds in this, a job interview is just on the way. The above studio major resume speaks volumes on how to draft a professional resume. This resume will make you a strong competitor in the tough job market. It answers how you can fulfill the requirement of the position. The aim of this resume is to make your job search easy and simple. The best guidelines have been provided with the help of this sample. This resume example will take you in the positive direction.

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