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Recent High School Grad (Administration) Resume

Provided here is a sample resume for high school graduate looking for administration jobs. Students, after passing out from colleges and schools, have long vacations, which can be utilized constructively, as part of career planning. High school students looking for internship or part time jobs can optimize their selection chances by sending a resume along with the job application.

Candidates with prior working experience are preferred by employers, as it saves the time and resources spent over training them. Even students get an opportunity to earn extra money, and explore their skill-sets to identify the best industry type, suiting to their aptitude. Thus, if you are looking for summer internship or a part time job after passing out from the high school, it is recommended that you draft a professional resume for presenting your candidature. If the idea of drafting the resume for the first time is making you uncomfortable, you may refer to the below given sample recent high school graduate resume. It will guide you in drafting a professional and compatible resume for your job application.

We recommend that you study the company profile and the desired job description as well, before actually drafting the resume, as it would help you retrieve necessary information for presenting a convincing and inciting candidature. Once you are ready with all the details to be shared in the resume, you can customize the high school graduate resume sample for administration job application, given below. Make sure that the proficiency level of the language used is compatible with your comprehension ability.

For detailed and precise information on different sections of the high school graduate resume, please refer to the example resume below.

Sample Recent High School Graduate (Administration) Resume
(For students looking for internships or part time jobs)

Travis P. Bender

1740 Sweetwood Drive
Colorado - 80202
Tel: (303) 389 8713

Career Objective

Looking for a suitable opportunity to work part-time or as a trainee with a growing organization, where I can get exposure to ample challenging opportunities and imbibe new skill-sets for personal development.

Academic Qualifications

  • Course: B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) Finance
    Year: 2009 - 2012
    Institute: Heritage College, 12 Lakeside Lane, Denver, CO

  • Course: Office Management Certification Program (Vocational Course)
    Year: 2010 - 2011
    Institute: Arapahoe Community College, 5900 S Santa Fe Dr., Littleton, CO

Professional Exposure

Work Experience

Finance Executive (August, 2011 - till date)
Cyrus Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd., 6561 W 56th Ave., Arvada, CO
Job description:

  • Responsible for recording all financial transactions according to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Assisted in computing tax payable
  • Ensured that all corporate liabilities are paid on time, and recorded instantly
  • Maintained computerized accounts on tally 9.1
  • Coordinated with banks for bulk transactions
  • Assisted Financial Manager in preparing month end financial reports
  • Helped with balance sheet reconciliation
  • Coordinated with Human Resource department for on-time wage/salary payments
  • Maintained record of inter department fund transfers
  • Performed necessary credit checks on partners, vendors, and third parties, to ensure on time payments
  • Followed up for settlement of bad-debts
  • Responsible for making all journal entries and updating the on central database

Internship Details

Intern (Finance Executive) (June, 2009 - December, 2009)
(Mandatory 180 Days training as part of curriculum)
Cyrus Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd., 6561 W 56th Ave., Arvada, CO
Learning Outcome:

  • Reported directly to Assistant Finance Manager (AFM)
  • Responsible for executing directions given by AFM
  • Maintained record of daily finance transactions, and made necessary ledger entries
  • Collected and filed all invoices and financial settlement statements
  • Carried out general computation works and prepared necessary reports
  • Ensured that work desk is well organized
  • Attended to inquiry calls
  • Coordinated with clients and vendors for on-time settlement of bills
  • prepared necessary drafts for communications, either for inter department purpose or for third party
  • Collected reports from other departments for preparing daily balance sheet and transaction history
  • Maintained record of daily activities in the training log

Professional Skills

  • Expertise at Tally 9.0
  • In-depth knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Analytical skills
  • Computing and statistical knowledge
  • Strong in Maths

Personal Skills

  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Efficient time management
  • Meticulous work style
  • Tactful and honest

Personal Dossier

Name : Travis P. Bender
Date of Birth : June 14, 1990
Martial Status : Single
Willing to Relocate : Yes (Conditional)
Medical problems, if any : Nil


Tiffany R. Cox
(Assistant Finance Manager)

Cyrus Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
6561 W 56th Ave.
Colorado - 80241
Tel: (303) 472 7845


I acknowledge that all credentials shared above, if required, need to be supported with appropriate genuine documents, whenever asked, failing which my candidature may be canceled.

Signature: ####

Name: Travis P. BenderDate: May 31, 2012Place: Denver, CO

We hope that the above shared information and the recent high school graduate resume example for administration jobs application, meets your requirements, and helps you get the desired results. To make them more personalized, candidates may incorporate their personal ideas, but limit themselves to professional standards.

We wish applicants success in drafting a job winning high school graduate resume for administration jobs application.

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