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Recent Grad School Grad (Sociology) Resume

At any stage of a job search, fresher or experienced, you need to plan and draft a resume that is target and result-oriented. This recent grad school grad sociology resume is designed to help you in resume writing. The goal of this resume is to help you in framing a resume that is strong enough to compete in the job market. This resume sample also displays unique information that has been organized in a unique way. By going through the sample, you will be able to write a quality resume that points directly to the job requirement. This resume will make you prepare a successful resume that illustrates all you have, in the best and most effective manner.

Sociology is a subject that deals with the relation between man and society. Graduate studies in sociology deals with human behavior, social structure, class, age, race, and sex. One can go for a graduate degree in various streams of sociology, like political sociology, social sociology, urban sociology, and economic sociology. In short, a career in sociology includes education management and administrator, professional occupations like teachers, clerical and secretarial, social worker, public sector administrator, community support worker, and social researcher.

Here is a recent grad school grad sociology resume that tells all about writing a professional resume. It focuses on the profile of a community support worker, followed by a perfect resume. A job profile of a community support worker includes developing plans for improving social and physical activities of the community, providing behavior management training, providing care and emotional support to patients, developing individual plans, developing recreational activities, developing individual activity plans, administration medication, planning therapeutic rehabilitation activities, and providing guidelines in educational activities.

Recent Grad School Grad Sociology Resume
Mary Lawrence
285Rte Waubonsee Drive, Bees Grove, Illinois
Cell: 128-011-1258


Community health and social service professional with proven track record of supporting in various community health care and social services. Seeking a responsible position as a community support worker in a renowned organization

Professional Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of developing community health care plans and social activities
  • In-depth knowledge of community care programs, counseling methods, and social care programs
  • Comprehensive knowledge of health-related disorders and behavioral sciences
  • Skilled in planning comprehensive social work activities to achieve community goal and objectives
  • Well versed in planning and implementing treatment plans for emotional and psychosocial patients
  • Possess excellent communication, relationship building, and communication skills
Educational Qualifications:

  Bachelor of Arts in Sociology University of Illinois in the year 2008

Work History:

Organization: Community Centre, Illinois Duration: 2010 till date Designation: Community Support Worker

  • Responsible for providing mental health services to adults and children in the community
  • Assigned responsibilities of planning recreational activities and therapeutic intervention programs for children and their families
  • Handle the tasks of developing and implementing strategies of dispensing medication and provide support in handling emergency situations
  • Perform responsibilities of facilitating individuals in participating in individual program as well as provide training on behavior management
  • Assigned the tasks of providing counseling support and develop various activity programs
  • Responsible for developing health and safety assessment programs ad well opportunities for leisure activities
  • Handle responsibilities of ensuring that the community health plans follows health safety procedures

Organization: Group Com, Illinois Duration: 2008 to 2009 Designation: Junior Community Worker  

  • Assigned the tasks of provide necessary services like health and social life activities to the people within the community
  • Performed responsibilities of educating community people on human behavioral sciences as well as in illness prevention plans
  • Handled the tasks of coordinating with health care professionals in developing and implementing individual health care plans
  • Responsible for educating individuals of the community in disease prevention and provide support in health counseling
  • Assigned the tasks of supporting people in handling emotional situations to provide better community services
  • Performed responsibilities of organizing group activities to foster strong sense of belonging ness to the community
  • Handled the tasks of motivating adults in participating treatment and rehabilitative programs
  • Responsible for accessing health and benefit services as well as social development activities
Even without having any experience in preparing a resume, you still can draft a perfect resume by reviewing the above recent grad school grad sociology resume. It communicates all the important points that you need to consider in the process of preparing a successful and winning job application resume.
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