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Recent Grad School Grad (Marketing) Resume

When you plan for a job, all you need to do is plan a resume that gets the desired result. For this, effective introduction of your professional background, skills, and education is essential. A well planned resume assures you success in the job application. This recent grad marketing grad resume identifies the ideal way of writing the most effective and optimized resume for your job application. The content briefly explains how the candidate can bring benefit to the organization by appointing in the position. A quick review of the sample is the best way to start learning the writing process.

Opportunities are endless for marketing graduates in today's world where everything runs through sales and promotion. Marketing professionals can expect to work in a challenging and diverse work environment. There is various types of job profiles for marketing that exist in different industries. Having a school graduation in marketing can help you explore the world of business. The roles and responsibilities of the position vary on the working industry.

If you are looking for marketing as a career, some of the profile you can try out are-product management, sales and customer service, retailing, advertising and sales promotion, retailing, international marketing, market research, and business executives.

This recent grad school grad marketing resume tells the overall concept of writing a job application resume. It also makes clear on the profession and the required skill-sets. To enhance your understanding, we have picked up the profile of sales and customer service. This resume example details the content one needs to communicate in writing his/her resume.

A sales and customer service executive plays an important role in handling the business process of the organization. The duties include planning and implementing effective sales and marketing activities, defining sales and marketing objectives, managing sales and marketing collateral activities, providing effective service to customers, building and maintaining relationship with customers, and planning and organizing marketing events.

Recent Grad School Grad Marketing Resume

Hadley Park
221 Granville Pike, Lancaster, Ohio
Cell: (111)-012-2236
Career Goal:

Self-motivated and result oriented marketing professional with broad knowledge of planning, implementing, and evaluating sales and marketing activities. Seeking a responsible position as a sales and customer service executive in a renowned organization

Professional strengths:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of developing and implementing strategic marketing plans
  • In-depth knowledge of sales and marketing with excellent customer relationship skills
  • Extensive knowledge of market trends, account management, and business development activities
  • Possess excellent sales, negotiation, and communication skills
  • Result-oriented and has the ability to work in a team and highly dynamic environment
Professional Experience:

Organization: Rolmad, Ohio
Designation: September 2010 till date
Designation: Sales & Customer Service Executive

  • Handle the tasks of expanding market share of Product Company by organizing effective advertising, sales, and promotion activities
  • Responsible for identifying potential sales leads as well as conduct research of product price of competitors
  • Assigned responsibilities of creating sales pipeline and evaluation of budgets and promotion activities
  • Perform the tasks of identifying key issues in achieving marketing plan and develop solutions to meet the objectives
  • Responsible for providing effective service to customers through effective sales service
  • Handle the tasks of managing suppliers and marketing campaigns to achieve annual revenue targets
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing account and budget plans for the purpose of determining sales, marketing, and advertising programs
Organization: Venus Corporation, Ohio
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010
Designation: Junior Sales Executive
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing and maintaining promotion and advertising activities to achieve sales goal and objectives
  • Performed the tasks of supporting marketing staff in development and implementation of key marketing activities
  • Handled responsibilities of assisting account staff in the transition of strategic accounts as well as perform evaluation of sales trends and potentials
  • Responsible for taking active part in lead generation and prospecting activities as assigned
  • Assigned responsibilities of preparing and maintaining database of sales prospect and potential customers
Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Marketing
Ohio Business College in the year 2008


Will be pleased to provide upon requests

Resumes are prepared, not for landing the dream job but for landing a job interview. The above recent grad school grad marketing resume can improve your resume to a great extent. The sections with relevant content gives a clear idea on what to include, and what to exclude in your resume. Edit the contents in the sample to meet your personal requirements.

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