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Recent Grad School Grad (Journalism) Resume

The key to get a job interview is good planning and preparation of a structured resume. Before starting the writing process, research thoroughly on the job requirements. This is in terms of work exposure, educational qualifications, and job knowledge. This simply means trying to be at the shoes of the employer. In any way, it requires to give time and research, to come up with a resume that results in a job interview. A targeted resume is the only thing that can ensure that you are noticed from thousands of job applicants. This recent grad school grad journalism resume is a targeted resume that specifically points to the job requirements. The ideal aim of this resume is to help fresher as well as experienced professionals in coming up with a resume that leads to a face to face interview.

Journalism graduates can find career opportunities in various sectors like media, government, business, and non-profit organizations. The most important skill-sets required for entering a career in the field of journalism is the ability to communicate effectively with excellent interpersonal skills.

The journalism career paths for people with journalism graduation include news analyst, news editor, public relation specialist, newscaster, program director, and reporter. The mentioned profile requires excellent research skills, knowledge of laws, interviewing and reporting skills, and organizational and presentation skills.

This recent graduate school graduate journalism resume highlights the resume of a news editor. The sample also brings into light the core responsibilities handled by a news editor in the working organization. News editor checks, reviews, and evaluates the accurateness of the content, before the publication. Some of the key responsibilities to be highlighted include - deciding news to be covered in the channel, organizing the flow of information, monitoring and overseeing design publication, interviewing reporters, preparing news headlines, editing news content, and planning layout of newspaper edition.

Recent Grad School Grad Journalism Resume

James Waney
201 Rte Woods Drive, Sugar Grove, Illinois
Cell: 128-215-7789

Diverse knowledge of handling media and communication tasks, with hands on experience in editing news content and planning for newspaper edition. Looking for an opportunity to work as an editor in a media house

Professional Skills:  

  • Comprehensive knowledge of news editing, television news production, and planning news coverage
  • In-depth knowledge of media planning, media production, and journalism and mass media
  • Extensive knowledge of writing, reviewing, and editing various forms of news content
  • In-depth knowledge of publishing house guidelines, legal procedures, and public relationship management
  • Possess excellent analytical, communication, and problem solving skills
   Educational Qualifications:  

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Saint Lois University, Illinois 2008

  Work History:  

Organization: Global News, Illinois
Duration: 2010 till date
Designation: News Editor

  • Responsible for editing news content, layout designing, and rewriting the news copy to improve readability
  • Perform the tasks of rewriting and correcting mistakes, as well as perform planning of news content by following publication's style and editorial guidelines
  • Handle responsibilities of developing strategic media plans to drive journalism on the top stories, and to achieve the target audience
  • Responsible for planning and monitoring budget, as well as implementing changes in news programs, as required
  • Assigned the tasks of writing stories by gathering the information/reports from news correspondents
  • Handle responsibilities of coordinating with public relations firms in developing press releases and handling marketing issues
  • Perform the tasks of giving presentations on editorial activities as assigned by the Executive Director for the purpose of promoting local events
Organization: News Source Inc, Illinois
Duration: 2008 to 2009
Designation: Assistant Editor
  • Assigned responsibilities of editing content submitted by reporters as well as perform selection of news to be featured on a daily basis
  • Performed the tasks of helping news editor in checking the accurateness of news content
  • Responsible for checking news content for spelling, grammatical, and language error
  • Handled the tasks of writing editorial column to spread awareness on social and political issues
  • Assigned responsibilities of verifying articles for publication and send the rejected ones for further review
The above recent grad school grad journalism resume is a fine resume that can be used by professionals seeking a career in journalism. The style, content, and language specifically matches with the type of job requirement. The goal of this resume is to help you in developing a targeted resume that answers every point that an employer looks forward to.
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