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Recent Grad School Grad Finance Resume

The most challenging part with regards to a job search is writing a resume. The way one selects the style, and puts the information, determines the success or failure of getting that great opportunity. An effectively drafted and well-prepared resume should revolve around the main and relevant content. The question is all about how one markets his/her job experience, education, and domain knowledge in the field. Here is a recent grad school grad finance resume that distinctly brings into light the ideal way of preparing a compelling and attractive resume. The aim of this resume example is to help job seekers in coming up with a resume that attracts the attention of the prospective job employer. A recent graduate school finance degree can get a quick-start career in the field of finance.

The raise of business sector in the global market, proves as a boon for people with a graduate degree in finance. Some of the career path that one can choose in the field of finance include - accountants, investment analysts, fund managers, bank managers, auditors, senior accountants, finance directors, and finance controllers.

An investment analyst is a financial professional who undertakes the responsibility of providing guidelines to fund managers in the area of investment plans. The main goal of an investment analyst is to help fund managers in making key decisions on investment portfolios. The responsibilities of an investment analyst includes analyzing and evaluating financial information, updating knowledge of market developments, preparing cash flow statements, developing investment plans and ideas, assisting fund managers in making financial decisions, preparing profit and loss statement, and monitoring the financial status of the company.

One can work as an investment analyst in large corporate sectors, investment management organizations, investment banks, and for individual client's. The job of an investment analyst demands good knowledge of finance and banking concepts and practices.

Recent Grad School Grad Finance Resume

Ally Hawkins
21-45 Nuy B. Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, New York
Cell No: 644 - 598 -2222
Email Id:

Career Summary

Financial investment analyst professional with a proven track record of developing and implementing financial investment plans. Seeking a responsible position as an investment analyst in a major business sector

Knowledge & Core Competencies

  • Well versed in finance and investment concepts, applications, and principles
  • Comprehensive knowledge of basic accounting principles, financial modeling, and business development strategies
  • In-depth knowledge of finance and investment plans and procedures
  • Posses excellent analytical, problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Self-starter with ability to work in a team environment and build relationship with clients

Previous Professional Experience

Organization: The Corporate Group, New York
Duration: 2010 till date
Designation: Investment Analyst

  • Perform the tasks of planning financial investment plans, analyzing and reviewing financial statements, and developing financial models
  • Responsible for performing market research to update latest trends of market and development as well as provide support in business development plans
  • Handle responsibilities of preparing financial statements, cash flow statements, and profit/loss statements
  • Assigned the tasks of preparing internal financial process documents and perform review of key financial information
  • Responsible for monitoring investments in portfolio companies as well as played active role in investments negotiations activities
  • Handle the tasks of building and maintaining strong relationship with clients and provide guidelines to Investment Officers in performing transaction process

Organization: Alioin Corporate, New York
Duration: 2008 to 2010
Designation: Junior Investment Analyst

  • Assigned responsibilities of coordinating with the portfolio managers in planning and handling investment problems
  • Responsible for performing quantitative and qualitative analysis of investment plans and activities
  • Utilized quantitative and statistical analysis to perform evaluation of investment plans and overall portfolio management
  • Handled responsibilities of conducting macroeconomic research in handling and completing various projects
  • Performed the tasks of preparing investment strategy documents and update the same to the manger for review and approval
  • Responsible for developing plans for investment policies, financial management, and data analysis

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Finance
New York Arts College in the year 2008

The above recent grad school grad finance resume is an example that you can use to improve your resume. It has been prepared by paying attention to the styles and techniques of effective resume writing. This resume example skims unnecessary information that diverts the attention of the employer. The content and the way of presenting the information will positively grab the attention of the employer in short time. The information is short, crispy, and to the point. Make sure to make changes in the content, so as to meet with your personal skills and job experience.

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