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Physics Major Resume

A resume is the first step of any job application process. So, it is very much essential to ensure that it is well planned and prepared. In any job application, a resume is required. This physics major resume is a useful guideline on writing a complete and professional resume. It is drafted in the most simplest and effective manner. The best part of this resume example is that it communicates relevant work experience, knowledge, and educational qualifications, in the most convincing and impressive manner. The content is confined in two pages, and this strictly needs to maintain in any resume writing.

A lot of students are confused on the job profile they can enter after having a bachelor's degree in any subject. A student majoring in Physics can pursue careers in industry, educational sector, and government research organizations, oil and gas industries, engineering and manufacturing sector. Some of the physics-major based job includes - research scientist, radiation protection adviser, laboratory technician, and health and medical physicist.

A student with a major in physics should be well versed in the natural science and universe. This subject also exposes students to the concepts of advanced mathematics. It is mandatory to have a strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

This resume sample talks about the job description and skills of a health and medical physicist. It also communicates the essential points and techniques of writing a unique resume. The main goal of a health and medical physicist is to improve the technology and equipment, which is used for diagnosing and treating various illnesses. The job responsibilities of a health and medical physicist includes providing therapeutic equipment for treating diseases, reading radiation output, protecting patients from radiation hazards, developing new technology, implementing quality assurance programs, handling diagnostic and radiation therapy issues, and examining patients organs by using radiation therapy. A health and medical physicist works in private clinics, hospital, and health care settings.

Sample Physics Major Resume

Joseph Smith
Home Address: 2358A Andrae Road, Honolulu, California
Contact Details: (808) 111-1750

Career Summary:

More than three years of professional experience in planning, developing, and providing diagnostic and therapeutic radiology services to patients in health care setting. Looking for an opportunity to work as a health and medical physicist in a renowned organization

Professional Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of radiation oncology, medical and radiological physics, and radiation therapy physics
  • Comprehensive knowledge of machine installation and calibration as well as testing quality assurance
  • Skilled in developing and evaluating treatment planning, safety guidelines, and procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of the concepts of mathematics, biochemistry, and electronics
  • Familiar with laser safety Standards, medical surveillance practices, and fundamentals of occupational Health and Safety Administration
  • Well versed in radiation measurement, protocols, and radioactive materials
  • Skilled in evaluation and analysis of radiation health effects, Federal Emergency Management, and risk analysis

Education Details:

Bachelor of Science in Physics
University of California in the year 2008

Work History:

Organization: Health Care Centre, California
Designation: Health and Medical Physicist

  • Responsible for providing guidelines and instructions to physicians in ionizing radiation and radioactive devices
  • Assigned responsibilities of providing training sessions in patient care and services by using radiology devices
  • Responsible for radiation surveillance, radiological incidents, and risk assessment
  • Perform the tasks of developing programs on Ionizing Radiation and Radioactive materials Responsible for planning and educating staff on radiation safety procedures
  • Assigned the tasks of performing contamination surveys to ensure that the programs meet regulation requirements Responsible for developing plans to respond effectively in radiation incidents

Organization: Central Hospital, California
Designation: Junior Health and Medical Physicist

  • Handled the tasks of providing research and educational services to support strategic goal of the health care center
  • Performed responsibilities of providing support in areas of planning the usage procedures and disposal of radiation producing devices
  • Assigned the tasks of performing X-Ray Radiologic surveys to ensure safety operation of the medical equipment
  • Responsible for monitoring that the storing and usage of radioactive materials follows safety standards
  • Handled the tasks of implementing and monitoring the use of X-Rays and radioactivity devices

The resume opens with the address, followed by a strong career statement, skills, job experience, and educational qualifications. Feel free to apply the concept used in this resume, to develop a resume that meets the requirement of your employer. Hope, this resume sample delivers a job interview.

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