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Physical Therapy Major Resume

Here is a physical therapy major resume that has been featured with the goal of helping you in writing a best and effective resume. The aim of this resume is to disclose the simplest techniques, and effective methods that one can use in the writing process. It also covers the key sections that you need to bring into the limelight. Along with the tips, the resume showcases in detail, the job descriptions and skills of a physical therapy. The best part of this resume is that it can be used by editing the information provided in the sections. This will make your task easier towards generating a resume that impresses the employer at the first glance.

With a physical therapy as a major subject, one can expand his/her search in various organizations. One can work as a physical therapy with the degree. Physical therapy coordinates with health care professionals in treating diseases, impairments, and other injuries. The job descriptions of a physical therapy includes testing and examining patient's physical strength, examining the medical history of patients, planning treatment as per the examination result, developing exercise programs to increase the strength of muscles, treating physical disabilities, and developing techniques of patient's care programs.

The job of a physical therapy demands excellent knowledge of rehabilitation, and physical science. A career as a physical therapy can be found in health care organizations, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, and fitness centers.

Sample Physical Therapy Resume

Robinson Baker
770 Spring Drive, Whitesboro, New York 3492
Cell: (222)-419-2201
Mail Id:


Hands on experience in developing and implementing health care programs to cure diseases, improve mobility, and treat physical disabilities. Seeking a role as a position as a physical therapy in an organization that enable professional growth and development

Summary of Qualifications:


  • In-depth knowledge of physical therapy program and intervention methodologies
  • Comprehensive knowledge of therapeutic procedures, disease pathology, and physical treatment plans
  • Well versed in neuro-anatomy, human growth, and intervention/treatment programe
  • Extensive knowledge of developing and implementing comprehensive therapist treatment plans
  • Skilled in communicating with patients as well as provide effective health care plans

Summary of Professional Experience:

Organization: Health Care Group (June 2009 till date)
Designation: Physical Therapy

  • Responsible for planning treatment plans for prevention and rehabilitation care programs of patients with impairments and physical disabilities
  • Assigned responsibilities of testing and evaluating health status, functional limitations, diseases, and mental illness of patients
  • Handle the tasks of developing therapy plan to achieve the goals and objectives of treatment goals and objectives
  • Responsible for handling patient care activities by using the application of therapeutic application to cure physical disabilities
  • Handle responsibilities of coordinating with health care professionals like physicians and nurses in developing and implementing health care plans
  • Assigned the tasks of planning and implementing strategic treatment plans and perform modifications, if required
  • Handle the tasks of handling billing records, payroll records, and prepare other essential records of patient's history

Organization: Religen Inc (October 2008 to May 2009)
Duration: Entry Level- Physical Therapy

  • Handled responsibilities of evaluating, diagnosing, and integrating patient care programs in curing various diseases
  • Assigned the tasks of developing health care plans and procedures for diagnosing health issues
  • Responsible for monitoring and updating the improvement of treatment plan and health status to the patient and family
  • Handled the tasks of assisting patients with back pain, strokes, fractures, and cerebral palsy
  • Responsible for planning and implementing effective discharge plan by coordinating with health practitioners
  • Assigned responsibilities in taking active part in treatment programme and in determining the result of treatment interventions

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy
University of New York in the year 2008

This specific physical therapy major resume will help you to learn the importance of writing a professional resume in today's competitive world. The sample in the page will work in developing a resume that separates you from thousands of job applicant. This resume example is all about telling you the ways that you can implement in the writing process. You can consider the points in the sample to make your writing process easy, yet effective enough to gain a job interview.

After reviewing the sample, you will have a professional resume that makes a great difference. Make your resume the best one that meets the job requirement. You probably can make your resume better if you have already developed it with the help of this resume. If you have done with resume then don't forget to check out this related cover letter.

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