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Occupational Therapy Major Resume

This occupational therapy major resume presents information in a positive approach. It typically communicates the most relevant job experience, skills, and educational qualifications. The information is organized in a reverse chronological format. This resume is written by following the most common and effective way of writing an effective resume. It briefly and precisely describes the ideal way one can approach to achieve the career goal and objective. This resume is suitable for any kind of job application. It highlights the job responsibilities in the most appealing and precise manner. A subject as an occupational therapy major focuses on training and providing necessary skills to physically disabled and injured people. One can work as an occupational therapist with major degree in occupational therapy. The position is applicable in health care sector, rehabilitation centers, and old age homes. It is concerned on the physical and psychological activities of the body and soul.

The roles and responsibilities of an occupational therapist include providing support to the patients in recovering their physical and mental disability to live independently, developing care plans to improve the emotional and mental disabling conditions, treating patients with illness and injuries, developing patient's skills in handling their daily activities, and providing necessary guidelines for health improvement.

Of course, to attain the position of an occupational therapist one requires a bachelor's degree with occupational therapist as a major. Some of the knowledge and skills of occupational therapist include - occupational therapy programs, occupational therapy practices, health-care practices, policies, procedures, and therapy treatment plans.

The above occupational therapy resume has been prepared to educate you about the exact and ideal way of building a professional resume. This resume example will make your experience of writing a perfect resume, interesting and rewarding. The goal of this resume is to help you in developing a winning resume.

Sample Occupational Therapy Major Resume

James Wyman
27 Bey Lea Rd, Cross St, Texas
Cell: 143-651-9996

Career Objective

Well versed in occupational therapy with hands on experience in planning and providing therapy treatments to meet patient's requirement. Looking for an opportunity to work as an occupational therapy in a renowned health care organization

Summary of knowledge and Skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of occupational therapy principles and practices, rehabilitation guidelines, and health care environment
  • Extensive knowledge of occupational therapy theory, patient care procedures, and basic anatomy and physiology
  • In-depth knowledge of Occupational therapy diagnosis and treatment techniques
  • Well versed in health care regulatory guidelines and health evaluation procedures
  • Hands on experience in developing and implementing orthopedic treatment plans
  • Possess excellent communication, presentation, observation skills with high level of accurateness

Work Experience

Organization: Rehabilitation Centre, Texas
Duration: January 2010 till date
Designation: Occupational Therapist

  • Handle the tasks of providing broad range of orthopedic treatment services with focus on prevention, physical fitness, and in handling daily activities
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing and implementing occupational therapy and treatment plans for patients
  • Perform the tasks of planning and organizing Occupational Therapy educational programs for the health care center
  • Responsible for delivering best and effective occupational therapy services to patient's of different age group
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing health assessment programs and provision of treatment plans
  • Handle tasks like preliminary patient examination and gathering of patient's medical record
  • Perform responsibilities of defining treatment goals and update the same to the family members of patients
  • Responsible for taking up treatment plans for patients with disease or physical disorder

Organization: Min Hospital, Texas
Duration: May 2008 to March 2009
Designation: Junior Occupational Therapist

  • Assigned responsibilities of evaluating selected diagnoses and implement effective occupational therapy programs
  • Handled the tasks of developing accurate patient care programs and assist staff in patient treatment
  • Responsible for documenting patient's health progress and discharge notes
  • Assigned the tasks of assisting occupational therapy professionals in establishing and implementing therapeutic procedures to achieve rehabilitative goals
  • Responsible for developing treatment objectives under the guidelines of Registered Occupational Therapist
  • Handled responsibilities of providing patient discharge recommendations

Educational Summary

University of Texas
Bachelor's Degree of Science in Occupational Therapy, 2008


Will be pleased to provide upon request

This resume sample can be maintained, and you can keep on updating it. Our aim of providing this resume example is to enable you to frame a resume that responds positively. The contents provided in the sample can be edited, so as to match with your skills, work experience, and education. You can refer the complete guidelines provided n this sample. Feel free to use the template as a reference, and hope this sample takes you forward to a job interview.

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