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Nutrition Major Resume

Writing a resume is all about illustrating your work experience and skills for the purpose of moving ahead professionally. It will not be wrong to say that preparing a resume requires time and skills. But, with an effective resume as a reference, meeting the challenges is simple. After a careful research, it has come to the conclusion that a well-planned and proper presentation of the information is the one and only solution to meet the desired goal. Your resume is the only opportunity you have to sell yourself to prospective employers. A lot has to be considered and taken care, in the process of writing a great resume.

In today's world where a lot of people take care about health and nutrition, taking up a bachelor's degree in nutritionist major will not be a waste. One may take up an advanced course in nutritional science and nutritional immunology. Job opportunities of a nutritionist includes positions like nutrition researcher, consulting nutritionist, dietitian, and food & nutrition consultant. The key role of all the position is to plan and develop dietary foods that treats and prevents major diseases.

This nutritionist major resume focuses on the job responsibilities of a dietitian followed with an effective and organized resume sample. The aim of this resume is to provide basic guidelines on writing a nutritionist major resume.

A career as a dietitian falls under the category of nutritionist. Some of the job responsibilities of a dietitian include planning dietary charts, checking food nutrients, educating people on the impact of proper diet and nutrition, analyzing food manufacturing process, providing diet plans to improve health and prevent diseases, preparing diet plans by evaluating the needs of individual, and developing special dietary plans. One can work as a dietitian in settings like fitness world, health care sector, food industry, and other private health care center.

Sample Nutrition Major Resume

Jones Willy
East 85th Ave. & Kob Hill Blvd., Washington
Contact Details: 123-125-4444

Career Goal:

Hands on experience in planning and providing health care through effective dietary and nutrition plans. Seeking a position as a dietitian in a renowned organization

Professional Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of food management, food science, and diet therapy
  • In-depth knowledge of heath care plan, dietary, and nutritional plans
  • Familiar with clinical and health care procedures as well as developing individual nutrition plans
  • Ability to communicate proficiently with effective organizational skills

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor Degree in Nutrition Major
Washington College in the year 2008

Work History:

Organization: Redgh Hospital, Washington
Profile: Dietitian
Tenure: 2011 till date

  • Responsible for providing dietitian services and expert advice to the health care facility
  • Assigned the tasks of identifying and evaluating the nutritional requirements of individual patients
  • Perform the tasks of planning appropriate diet plan by referring the nutrition reports as well educate patients on nutrition
  • Handle responsibilities of developing and implementing high quality and cost-effective nutrition services for individual patients
  • Perform the tasks of providing dietetic counseling to patients as well as communicate the nutritional care requirements of patients with the health care team
  • Responsible for providing dietary instructions and plans to patients and families
  • Handle responsibilities of ensuring that quality nutritional services are provided by following health and sanitary guidelines

Organization: Fitness Center, Washington
Profile: Junior Dietitian
Tenure: 2010 to 2011

  • Assigned the tasks of providing educational materials on nutrition and maintain effective and efficient operations of the dietary center
  • Performed responsibilities of providing nutrition counseling to the health care staff and assist the physicians in health care plans
  • Responsible for monitoring food preparation staff in food preparation and food servicing to patients as well as prepare records of the reactions of patients to the prescribed diets
  • Handled the tasks of preparing health care plan as well as perform identification of nutritional risks
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing and creating dietary recommendations based on the lifestyle and culture of individual
  • Responsible for assessing the nutritional status and maintaining pertinent dietetic records in the patient database

Resume should be drafted in an appropriate format by using the right and proper section. It is necessary to put right information by using proper flow of information. Remember, that it is a resume that will help you in landing into a job interview. There is no employer who is ready to waste time to go through the long content. It is therefore safe to make it short, brief, and to the point. The above nutritionist major resume is a unique way of writing an effective resume for your job application.

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