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History Major Resume

Resume is something more than a list of skills and work experience. It's a properly planned and well-structured document for advertising the core domain and skill sets, to match with the job requirement of the employer. True to the saying, one needs to be at the shoes of the employer i.e., gathering the requirement of the job. This history major resume example has been comprehensively prepared, to expose you towards preparing a professional resume that wins a job interview. You are free to review the sample, to learn more on the art of preparing a professional resume. This resume sample describes the skills, experience, and education, that holds relevant to the job position.

A major degree in history can open to a large number of job opportunities. One can almost make a choice of the various available opportunities with a major in history. Some of the career prospects with a major in history include teacher, broadcaster, public relations staffer, analyst, intelligence agent, and so on.

This resume sample focuses on the profile of a history teacher, which is one of the career paths for people who have undertaken a major in history. One can work as a history teacher in middle school, high school, and colleges. The duties of a history teacher includes preparing lesson plans for history subject, educating and expanding knowledge on subject matter, giving assignments, testing knowledge of the students in the subject, and planning for classroom activities.

The essential skill-sets of a history teacher includes - excellent teaching, monitoring, management, lesson planning, and communication. It is necessary for a history teacher to be well versed in the subject.

Sample History Major Resume

Anny Rose
257 Liberty Ave, Ironton, Ohio
Contact No: (123) - 777-2597

Career Objective

Experienced and skilled history teacher with qualifications of history as a major subject. Seeking for a teaching position in the subject domain in a renowned institute

Professional Knowledge & Abilities

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the history subject and teaching methods and techniques
  • In-depth knowledge of preparing lesson plans and teaching materials of history
  • Extensive knowledge of developing effective teaching and learning class room environment
  • Skilled in planning effective instructional programs to meet teaching-learning activities
  • Ability to develop effective relationship with students, parents, and school staff
  • Possess excellent communication, management, and interpersonal skills

Educational Qualifications

Achieved Bachelor's degree in History Major
Arts College, Ohio in the Year 2008

Professional History

Designation: History Teacher
Duration: 2010 till date
Organization: Saint Mary School, Ohio

  • Responsible for delivering lectures on history topics like history of third world war countries, ancient civilization, and post war civilization
  • Assigned the tasks of explaining concepts of historical events and social science to high school students
  • Perform responsibilities of preparing lesson plans and assignments for students
  • Handle the tasks of taking students to field trips to make them aware of certain historical facts and monuments
  • Responsible for designing certain classroom activities to create an effective teaching-learning environment
  • Perform the tasks of organizing parent-teacher conferences to update progress and weak areas of students
  • Handle responsibilities of organizing group interaction activities and in departmental meetings

Designation: Assistant Teacher
Duration: 2008 to 2010
Organization: Rose School, Ohio

  • Assigned responsibilities of demonstrating in- depth knowledge of history subject through effective teaching of the subject
  • Performed the tasks of developing effective lesson plans for the subject that suits the grade of students
  • Responsible for designing appropriate teaching and learning activities of students
  • Assigned the task of identifying curriculum maps of the subject to develop content for history subject
  • Performed responsibilities of selecting appropriate materials to enhance student's knowledge of history subjects
  • Handled the tasks of preparing classroom activities to monitor student progress in the subject matter
  • Performed responsibilities of developing effective learning environment and implementing effective teaching policies and procedures


Will be furnished upon request

Employers take only a few seconds to go through the entire resume. If the resume sounds interesting within the few seconds, a job interview is on the way. To make your resume effective enough, you can refer the above history major resume. This resume sample will direct your employer to make an interview call. The primary aim of this resume is to help you in getting a job interview. Ensure that your resume is precise yet descriptive, and does not miss out on any important points. The above resume example will help you in identifying the required skill-sets, educational qualifications, and job responsibilities of a history teacher.

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