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Gerontology Majors Resume

Medical science is a vast field and gives one different options to choose from. One such sub-field of medical science is Gerontology. Gerontology is a field that deals with the problems caused by aging. Nurses, doctors, and medical aides, study the problems, characteristics, and causes of different problems associated with aging, and help the aged overcome the same. The one's who specialize or do their majors in Gerontology are usually known as Gerontologists or Gerontology Majors. The one's working in the said field or pursuing similar education can make use of the gerontology major resume sample given below. It will not only help one draft his/her resume but also help understand the job role and responsibilities associated with the same.

While drafting a resume one needs to make sure that one provides the required information systematically, such that the employer does not have to turn pages or go through unnecessary information to get answer to three basic question - Who, What and Why. The employer only wants to know who you are, what qualities, abilities, and skills you possess, and why should the employer hire you. If your resume provides this information with ease, then the chances of your resume clearing the resume screening round increases. This is the major difference between a well-written professional resume and a normal resume. For further information on the same, read the gerontology majors resume sample given below.

Gerontology Majors Resume Sample

Glen S. Park
4187 Pearl Cliff Circle
Washington, DC 20053
Ph: 258-338-8712

Career Objective:

Having worked as a Gerontology Aide for two years and then moving to the position of Sr. Gerontologist, am looking forward to handle higher responsibilities and more complicated roles that allow me to put in my best and work towards helping the aged to get over the problems that stop them from leading a normal life.

Career Summary:

Having worked in this field for almost 6 years and gradually handling higher and complicated job responsibilities, I am thorough with job responsibilities and expectation out of a Gerontology Major. I began my career as an Intern and later moved on to working as an Aide. Am currently employed with Washington Medical Services and Aide, as the Sr. Gerontologist. I have worked with different patients over the years and have helped many patients get back to normal life and cope up with the problems caused due to aging.

Summary of Skills:

Vocational Skills:

  • Thorough with causes, characteristics, tests, measures, etc., that need to be studied, analyzed or taken to help the patients
  • Well acquainted with characteristics health traits associated with aging and the essential steps that need to be taken to curb the aggravating health problems
  • Thorough with different medical test procedures and analysis, such as blood pressure, ECG, etc.

Managerial Skills:

  • Good team coordination and team management skills
  • Good decision making skills
  • Good at planning and multitasking

Characteristic Traits:

  • Highly enthusiastic, caring, and optimistic
  • Zeal to stay updated with latest advancements in medical field
  • Strong will power and never give-up attitude

Computer Skills:

  • Expertise in using MS Office

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: Washington Medical Services and Aide, Washington DC (2009-till date)
Designation: Sr. Gerontologist
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Head of Department (HOD)
  • Study the medical reports of the patients
  • Conduct various tests like ECG, Diabetes, Blood pressure, etc., to help senior doctors understand the case with ease
  • Formulate various exercise and activity routines for the patients
  • Help the aged intake right nutrition, perform various fun and health activities, and practice yoga or the prescribed work out regime
  • Work in coordination with the other members of the support group
  • Provide mental support to the patients
  • Assist in providing housing, transport, medical facilities, etc., to the patients
  • Conduct skill classes and help them gain self esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm in life

Previous Work Experience:

A] Holy Spirit Medical Facilities, Washington, DC (2007-2009)
Designation: Gerontology Aide
Roles and Responsibilities

  • Report to the Sr. Gerontologist
  • Help them plan a diet and workout routine for the aged
  • Help in organizing and conducting physical and mental health development seminars for the patients

B] Holy Spirit Medical Facilities, Washington, DC (2005-2007) Designation: Intern Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Study the reports of the patients
  • Remind the doctors about the schedules of the patients
  • Help the doctors provide required medication and psychological help to the patients
  • Counsel the patient to understand the effect of the health problem on the patient's mental health and vice versa


  • Bachelors Degree in Social Work from State University of Medical Studies - 2005
  • Diploma in First Aid and Medical Aide, State University of Medical Studies - 2005
  • Pursuing Diploma in Medical Psychology


Available on request


Glen S. Park

The gerontology major resume sample given above is a well written resume sample, which can be altered and used by an aspiring candidate to draft his/her resume and enter the field of Gerontology. It will also help one, pen down one's skills and abilities in a way that it answers all the questions of the employer effectively.

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